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Fall 2020 Digital Edition

It’s been a busy two and a half months since I arrived at MEMA. From meeting with board and association members to “deep dives” with staff on all things MEMA related, I haven’t stopped. In this process, however, one thing is apparent - our association is strong and we are ready to lead during this critical time for the liquid fuels industry!

A few items that I want to bring to your attention:

  • At the beginning of November MEMA welcomed Megan Diver as MEMA’s new Vice President. Megan has a long history and background in public policy and her knowledge and familiarity with the Maine Legislature will be a tremendous asset to MEMA as the Legislature begins their next session. In fact, since Megan arrived, she and I have been visiting with retailers and distributors across Maine to meet our members and hear their concerns and will continue outreach to all Association members to ensure all your voices are heard.
  • With election day now behind us, the 130th Maine Legislature is poised to convene next month to be sworn in, beginning their First Regular Session in January 2021 – which, due to COVID19 and social distancing requirements, will meet at the Augusta Civic Center.
  • The first week in November Megan and I toured Biofine pilot plant at the University of Maine’s Forest Bioproducts Research Institute in Old Town. This was a great opportunity to learn about and see firsthand the biofine process of creating biofuels, a renewable chemical, through the biofine process beginning with woody biomass, solid waste, recycled carboard and paper.
  • Maine’s Climate Council voted on their draft report on November 12, 2021 and their 4-year State Climate Action Plan is due to the Governor and Legislature by December 1, 2020. The Governor and Legislature will then consider and decide any legislative and rulemaking actions to enact into law. MEMA is monitoring this closely. We will keep you updated as it works its way through the legislative process.

This is an incredibly dynamic, and exciting, time for our industry and I feel very fortunate to be a part of your team as we move forward into Maine’s energy future. On behalf of everyone at MEMA/MTEC, we look forward to working with and for you.

Charlie Summers, Megan Diver, and Mike Estes Tour Biofine in Bangor
Remember, Honor, Teach. Together we can make a difference!

MEMA is starting to think about the holiday season early this year and what better way to start than to introduce our 2020 Holiday Charitable event, Wreaths Across America. This event is meant to honor the men and women who served our country and have given all of us opportunities to run businesses. One that we hope will give MEMA members an opportunity to... read more.

Have you given biodiesel a fair shake when exploring alternative fuel options? If not, you may be missing out on an easy way to address several concerns at once. Let’s break down exactly what biodiesel is, why it has been growing in popularity and — most importantly — how it can benefit you as a fuel marketer...read more.

A tanker truck travels hundreds of miles during a hurricane to help keep the lights on for local homes and businesses across state lines. A small- business owner donates fuel to help power and heat testing sites and temporary hospitals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. A heating fuel delivery driver answers an after- hours call, helping to keep an elderly homeowner warm and...read more.

New President and CEO Charlie Summers: a Huge Asset for MEMA

Charlie has hit the ground running with apparent respect for the Association and for the membership. From his first few days in the office it has been his goal to visit each and every member. Within just a week he set off to Northern Maine to pay visits to the members whom... read more.

Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) Likely to Increase Prices at the Pump

by Rob Underwood

First, I would like to thank the Maine Energy Marketers Association for giving the Energy Marketers of America (EMA), formerly known as the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), the opportunity to discuss the Georgetown Climate Center’s (GCC) Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) which is...read more

PMAA is now The Energy Marketers of America

Trade association’s portfolio includes affordable, environmentally friendly fuels such as renewable diesel and biodiesel. Recently, the Energy Marketers of America (EMA) announced a new era for the trade association previously known as the Petroleum Marketers Association of America. The name change is reflective of... read more.

Leslie has worked in the propane and regulatory compliance industry for over 25 years, having served as director of risk management and corporate counsel for Dead River Company and bureau director for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Texas and she holds a master’s degree in environmental management, from the University of Houston, and a law degree from South Texas College of Law. Leslie is active with the National Propane Gas Association, and the Energy Marketer Associations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

If you want to read the full interview with Leslie Anderson

We have all come a long way from the days of standing at the end of a driveway and looking at a house through our outstretched hand to see how many fingers it takes to cover a house in order to determine if it needs a 3, 4 or 5 section boiler. We have also moved away from the sizing philosophy of bigger is better. Technology, efficiency demands and accurate design tools have moved us to much improved methods...read more

Habitually, when people think of doctors and healthcare their minds go to fixing conditions and curing disease. While disease management is no doubt essential, an important piece of wellness is often forgotten, namely keeping the healthy people healthy and preventing the unhealthy people from getting... read more.

MTEC Installs Heatpumps Donated by Efficiency Maine

New Training Opportunities in Heat Pump Installations for MTEC Students

MTEC was no exception to the disruption our country and state have seen due to COVID-19. MTEC was closed for four months, but has made strides and found opportunities since reopening. Recently, MTEC HVAC students this past semester found opportunities in the Heat Pump class that previous HVAC students haven’t had.... read more

Meet Megan Diver

Join us in welcoming Megan Diver as the new Vice President at Maine Energy Marketers Association... read about Megan here.

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