Civil war women By cali navarro

Civil war women served our countries by so many different ways. Some were spies others were caretakers and nurses, and when they wanted more excitement and thrill they would dress as a soldier and go off and fight!


Clara Barton

Clara Barton was a remarkable civil war nurse she was known as the "angel of the battlefield".

  • She founded the American Red Cross she also was a teacher at the age of 15!
  • She collected and distributed supplies for the union army, but she was not content sitting on the sidelines so she served as a independent nurse.
  • After the war she worked in the war department helping reunite soldiers and their families or finding missing soldiers.
  • She was very known and people often came up to hear her stories of the war and was a vegetarian.
  • She saved a mans life and he spoke to her telling her that she was also his teacher before the war.
  • A bullet went through her sleeve durning the war and killed a soldier behind her.
Phoebe Pember

She was a strong confederate. She was a nurse that helped thousands.

  • She received and accepted an invitation to serve as a matron of a military hospital in Richmond, Virginia
  • She was the first women to work at the Chimborazo hospital
  • While working at the hospital she helped 15,000 plus soldiers
  • A man in her care was dying and wanted his marching friend named Perry, she searched everywhere for him. When she finally found him she brought him to the hospital to lay next to his dying companion.
  • A man with a broken bone that was sticking out of this thigh that severed his artery was slowing dying. The doctor could not find the artery so phoebe was holding it keeping him alive until he told her to "let him go"


These risky women wanted to be more engaged into the war so they got into it secretly and helped generals significantly.

Mary bowser

Mary bowser was a former slave that worked for her freedom with the union.

  • She was considered the "best civil war spy" she went to Africa and came back and worked with the van Lew family.
  • She got married to Wilson bowser in April of 1861. Later on Virginia seceded and Elizabeth van Lew and Mary found a new path as spies.
  • Mary was a servant in the confederate White House. She could look at Jeffersons war plans, and passed the messages to a baker who gave it back to the union generals
  • Later on her great work was on the Hall of Fame at Fort Huachua Arizona in 1955
Belle Boyd

She was a confederate spy and lived in a home that was surround by union soldiers that were oblivious to her helping the confederates.

  • Union soldiers were stationed around her home and she heard their plans and sent messages to the confederates.
  • She shot a union soldier but to them she was a nice lady and was aquatints with them
  • When she sent her secret messages she did not code them so no one could find them out. She got caught and her only punishment was a warning that if she kept going she would be killed
Elizabeth van Lew

Elizabeth was the most daring successful union spy. She did her work right under the confederates noses.

  • Elizabeth worked with the prisoners at the confederate White House. She snuck out union prisoners.
  • Many confederates did not like how nice she was to the prisoners so she was banned from the prison until she flirted her way back into working down there.
  • She had a 5 station relay line by which her messages were quickly carried from her home. She also worked along side one of the most successful spies Mary bowser.
  • She would hid her messages in slaves shoes or sometimes sewn into the work of a seamstress, sometimes hidden in a hallowed out egg in a basket of regular eggs.
  • Her work was so great union general Ulysses S. Grant wrote her saying "you have sent me the most valuable information received from Richmond during the war".

Another remarkable women

Martha coston

Martha coston was a "true model of success". She created something that changed the war tactics and overall was a successful inventor of the "Coston Night signals".

  • What Motivated her to make these coston night signals was that her husbands wnd sons passed away
  • Her husband was a inventor and she went through his ideas and plans and found these fire signals with no recipe on how to mix the chemicals. She went through many trial and errors that were too weak.
  • When she perfected them she showed them at a meeting for congress and they loved them and asked her to keep it a secret for it could help the union significantly.
  • She went to New England to persuade the Royal Navy and the French to buy her night signals. Also congress gave her $20,000
  • Congress requested such a large amount but her factory was shut down because the owner went to the army. She had to connect the generals and ask for his release which is against the rules but was done.
  • Despite not having direct involvement in the war Martha went through family tragedy and still provided for others and her last 2 sons. Not to mention her invention contributed significantly for the union army so that they could blockade confederate ports and keep in communication through the night and storms.

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