Air-Logic Premium Smart Cushion User Guide

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Step 1: Inflate The Cushion

Turn the "Smart Valve" two clicks clockwise to the Open Position.

Your Cushion will begin to inflate with air.

Once fully inflated, turn the "Smart Valve" two clicks counter-clockwise to the Closed Position.

Step 2: Take A Seat

Place the Cushion in your favorite chair.

If you like the Cushion fully inflated...


But if you need a little more customization, scroll down.

Step 3: Adjusting the Firmness

To Adjust the Firmness, turn the "Smart Valve" one click clockwise.

Push the valve towards your leg to allow air to exit the Cushion

Once you have the desired firmness, turn the valve counter-clockwise one click the the Closed Position.

Step 4: ENJOY

Care Instructions

  • Keep the cushion away from fire or flammables
  • Keep the cushion away from sharp objects
  • Deflate the cushion when cleaning
  • Hand wash the cover only. DO NOT tumble dry or bleach
  • The internal cushion must only be cleaned with mild detergent
  • Keep valve in CLOSED POSITION when cleaning
  • Inflate the cushion only when the cover is dry
  • The cushion is only compatible with the original cover

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