Race Policing For many years there has been conflict with how police handle situations with minorities and other races.


Proactive- Taking action before something happens instead of waiting for it to happen.

Minority- A smaller group or outsiders.

Incarcerated- Locked up or kept behind bars in jail or prison.

Implicit- Doing something without reasoning.

Pervasive- Spreading fast or widely throughout area.

Flashpoint- A time or place violence or conflict happens.

Is it better for the police to be aggressive or friendly in communities?

Facts show that aggressive approaches are more effective when used by police. Violence and crime has been a huge problem for police ; therefore, it's difficult for them to react with the public. “56 percent of all police officers interviewed consider an aggressive approach to policing more appropriate in certain neighborhoods than the approach of being courteous,” said Pew Research Center a non bias informer about attitudes and trends. The police have been trying a long time to make this work. It's had lots of benefits on saving lives. Heather Mac Donald a contributing editor of City Journal noted that, “The data-driven, proactive policing revolution that began in the mid-1990s has saved tens of thousands of black lives that would have otherwise been lost to urban gun violence had crime remained at its early 1990s rate.” This may be because of the way officers change protocol when interacting with African Americans.

Why might it appear that white officers are not following rules around some African Americans?

Some police think they aren't gonna get punished. In the US there has been a history of race policing. “Police have historically been used against minority communities to enforce slavery,” said Victor E. Kappeler, the white dean of the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University. Its not all about the past its also about how people are raised. Susan K. Smith a author and writer noted, “It is highly possible that many of these young people, most of whom are white, grow up in environments where they are told that black people are bad, that they are to be feared.” This leads to black people getting upset over these stereotypes trying to defend themselfs only causing them to create more violence

Overall have Blacks or Whites caused more crimes?

In most of the well known and bigger areas African Americans are causing more crimes than whites. This is mainly in big counties. According to Heather Mac Donald an American political commentator, ”In America’s 75 largest counties, comprising most of the nation’s population, blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants in 2009, 57 percent of all murder defendants, and 45 percent of all assault defendants.” There are a lot more whites than blacks, but both races have about the same amount of people behind bars. According to Kim Farbota from The Huffington Post, “Even though there are roughly five times as many white people as black people in this country, blacks and whites are incarcerated in equal numbers." While in prison the numbers are about the same, the way police first interact with african Americans could be different than how that first interaction is with a white man.

Are African Americans being treated the worst by the police?

African Americans are a huge target of police racing. Some police officers abuse their powers to hurt blacks. According to Caleb Roberts a victim of police racing said, “They don’t need a reason. They can make up a reason. And they will, especially if you’re Black.” You'd be surprised how the bad officers can get away with stuff. The rate of blacks killed by cops is way higher than whites being killed by cops. Andrew Mccarthey from the National Review states that, “Blacks are two and a half times more likely to be killed by police than whites." This is a big problem that needs to be looked into and changed because two and a half times more deaths is a ton.

Is there anything being done to stop or reduced race policing?

As you are reading this right now there is someone working on reducing racial poling. Lots is being done to help with this. “Efforts are underway to identify tools to reduce implicit bias,” says Jack Glaser from the Greater Good. If there is things being done to stop race policing then what are they. One of the big changes are cameras. “Body cameras are very important and helpful,” said Zac Rice from Identities.Mic. With these changes hopefully the numbers of African Americans being killed by police drops significantly.

http://www.msnbc.com/hardball/watch/michael-steel-this-is-about-race-policing-770586179923?scrlybrkr=985f8811 Use this link to watch a short video!

In the video Michael Steele talks about how when approached by an officer African Americans are see as a thing not as a person. It shows that minorities aren't treated the same as white people when stopped by officers. Which is why race policing is such a big problem. For more articles and information you can use this link. http://raceandpolicing.issuelab.org/


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