Life & Arts SHMS • MAY • VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6

The Whispers

by Morgan Coffey

The nightmares that became a reality

The cold dusty nights sweeping away my sleep

The pitch black night sky makes my heart cry

And I'm sitting here thinking why is this me?

People always say that things happen for a reason...Right?

And that everything that we say and do will affect us

Are those statements correct?

Because if they are why don't they affect me?

I'm laying on my cold hard rocky bed tossing and turning while everyone else is

On their dream cloud gazing up at the starry night sky

Sooner than later I fall asleep and not much later after that the nightmare

Kicks in..

The loud screams of horror at night that crashing knocks just on my front door all in an innocent little girl's mind .

She wakes up.

And just sits in her bed

And thinks

She listens really closely to the noises around her house she hears a little whisper calling her name she's thinking it could be anyone.

But it's not just anyone

It's everyone….

Deep Down Popular

by Bailey Maranaca

Deep Down Popular was a good book about a girl, Jessie, who has a major crush on this really popular boy, Conrad. One day Conrad injures his leg and gets a big metal leg brace. His popularity starts to fall. Then a teacher asks Jessie to help Conrad. They become friends, and Jessie's dreams are coming true all because of a leg brace. Then Conrad is getting a surgery that could possibly kill him. If it doesn't kill him everything will go back to normal and Conrad will become popular again. Jessie is scared of Conrad being popular and not being friends with her anymore, but she's mostly scared of him dying.

Overall this was a good book. I would rate it ⅘ because some parts of the book were a little boring. But besides that, I would recommend reading this book.

Bailey gives Deep Down Popular 4 out of 5 books!

ACtivity Night Was Fun For All

by Morgan Coffey

Activity night was a fun night. There were many things to do. People really seemed to enjoy themselves. Many people were in the gym where it was split off for half of volleyball and the other half basketball. There were people from college basketball teams helping out and playing games with us.

In the the gym we had student athletes from the University of Buffalo come join us to have a fun night they were shooting baskets with the kids and organizing a game called knockout. And they were very friendly - taking pictures and talking with us. Thank you UB!

In the cafeteria the music was blasting and people were busting a move; kids singing along to songs was pretty fun; and also the photo booth was popular. Everyone's favorite dance songs played and students made the most of the night by dancing.

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Vault of Dreamers Book Review

by Jodie McGee

Rosie Sinclair had just got accepted into Forge, which is one of the best art schools in the country. But Forge is more than just a school, it's a reality show.

All students are required to take a sleeping pill to get 12 hours of sleep to boost creativity, but when Rosie skips her pill one night and explores, she discovers that Forge might not be everything it says to be.

Wanting to know everything she can about what goes on behind the cameras, she begins to go out nearly every night. Soon, she unravels the truth about Forge and the real meaning behind dreaming there.

To me, Rosie Sinclair is a fighter. She wanted to fight for justice for all of the Forge students, even knowing the dangers. She could have taken the easy way out and stuck to being a normal kid at Forge, but instead she followed her instincts.

I recommend reading The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien to anyone who likes thrilling, fast-paced dystopian books.

Panther Press reviewer Jodie McGee gives Vault of Dreamers 5/5 books. Read it today!

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