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From Schweinfurt, Germany to Louisville, KY

“The definition of ‘Cadence’ is a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.” Singer, songwriter, actress, performer - Joy Miller simply defines her stage name, “Cadence” as an accurate description of her own angelic, harmonious voice. Hailing from half way around the world in a town in Germany in the year 1997, Cadence declares that she is here to make an impact in music as we know it. Cadence works vigorously to touch the airways of fans everywhere. Her voice is thorough, like that of a soulful choir lead and precise as though trained professionally, undoubtedly delivers listeners an earful of tastefully blended melodies to appease musical appetites.

Beautiful and Talented

Equipped with a musical background, both Cadence’s mother and grandmother have highly influenced the young singer’s goals of stardom. “I was never shy as a kid and was always excited and ready for solos. I’ve always known I was going to do something great.” reminisces Cadence of her childhood, certain of her Destiny. A star was born in Cadence for sure as the youngster has staked her claim to fame and is determined and certain to withstand time in history like one of her favorites, Janet Jackson. She admits that she enjoys having her peers admire, respect, and look up to her and she is ready for her opportunity to shine.


Cadence has dreams of performing everywhere, especially her birth place of Schweinfurt, Germany. Her eclectic sound of R&B, soul, mixed with a powerful entendre of melodic keys, Cadence is ready to take stages everywhere. Not to limit herself to genre-specific music, Cadence prides her songwriting abilities as versatile and ever changing. She can take on any genre and perfectly blend her strong, confident, electric voice into the best remix of the original anyone has ever heard. Currently, a hit in her city of Louisville, KY, Cadence is rocking shows and building a solid fan base. Cadence feels it is important to reach a large population with her sound. Her short term goals include touring and touching billions with her gifted vocals.


Grounded and focused, Ms. Cadence is ready to explore all of her musical opportunities. She constantly networks with like-minded musicians, and is said recalls jam sessions where she and fellow musicians “rock out”, sharing musical energy and good vibes. Cadence’s music is described as passionate, energetic, and sincere; it captivates listeners. With the support of her family, Cadence embarks on this musical journey and takes risks that other kids her age are not taking. She trades in dates and fun with friends for countless hours recording and rehearsals.

Cadence knew she wanted to be a star from Day One

A golden work ethic has been instilled in Cadence. She knows that if she wants something she has to go get it, which is why Cadence’s single “Jet Life” is quickly receiving notice and catching the crowd. Cadence is working on her debut album, carefully tailoring each note, chord, lyric, and melody accordingly. Cadence is working on perfection and excellence and looks forward to a lot of hard work to attain her goals.

Highlight of 2016

Cadence Performed in Newark, NJ in the Summer of 2016

Cadence opened up for Big Daddy Kane, Fat Joe and Bad Boy's Carl Thomas at Newark, NJ's 24 Hours of Peace Music Festival.

Received sound advise from Bad Boy Records legend, Carl Thomas

"What an experience to share my music and performance with such a great audience in New Jersey!" - Cadence

Cadence performed for Mayor Greg Fisher shortly after she performed at Light Up Louisville, KY on November 25, 2016.

Cadence performed Holidays in the City on December 17, 2016 and on 4th Street Live in Louisville, KY.

She has travelled to cities such as Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, and many other places sharing her musical gift. Next Stop... over sees to another country to generate an international fan base.

All Pro Sports and Entertainment Released Cadence's single "Friday Night" in May of 2016

Announcement to Radio and Club DJs!
Radio and Clubs Show Us So Much Love with positive comments about release!
Cover of first Official Music Release, Friday Night, featuring Jack Harlow

Friday Night remains in rotation at several digital radio stations around the world. It is also available for purchase at all digital retailers.

Video (explicit lyrics) on you tube exceeds 7,000 organic views since the top of 2016!

Check out the MUSIC VIDEO, Friday night!!!

"Friday Night" is Spinning on Radio and in Clubs around the world

Cadence interviewed on a number of digital radio stations discussing her single, Friday Night, and career as a professional in the music business.

The response from digital radio and club DJ's has been phenomenal. Here are some comments about her single and video:

"Bang Bang Bang Bang!!! This is HOTT!!!" - DJ BIG LOU, BROOKLYN

"boooooo yahhhhhh defo club new classic serious flow body bouncer need drops to kill this tonite and tommorows club nites" - TUNDA TEE, UK LONDON




"I'm definitely bumping this! Hit" - DJ ROY NOWLIN, LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES

"This Track Is Major. Gonna Spin This." - DJ BUSNASTY, MILLSBORO, DELAWARE

"I like the overall energy of this track the video is dope as well. It will bang in the club." - DJ AZMATIK, ALBUQUERQUE, NM USA

"Straight Club banga Original concept makes this a hit. I will premiere this on the Mornings Soul Show 88.5 WMNF Sat. 3am-6am." - DJ DIRK DIGGEMS, TAMPA, FL USA


"Cool. Will add it to a few of the stations in the get global network!" - YESSURR FM, DALLAS, TX UNITED STATES


"Good club joint" - DJ SMITHSONIAN, DETROIT MI



"Good" - DJ K-ZY, JAPAN


"boom!!!!!!!!!!!" - DJ SHAJZE, BIELEFELD

"Definitely playing this!! TONIGHT!!" - SUBAHOLIC'S, LONDON


Live Performances

Moving the Audience!!!!

Cadence is at the top of her game when it comes to live performance.

Cadence is a crowd mover who breaks out some of the DOPEST beats with her amazing melodic voice!!! Nothing but great responses to her music, her show performances, and her brand.

Join the movement.... book Cadence today! The experience will be something truly EPIC!!!!

See You at the Top!!!!!
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