Dreamtime Storyboard By christopher brown


The camera tracks across the battlefield going from left to right. In the shot there is a tank is firing from the left, bombs falling from the sky, explosions on the ground and planes flying over the battlefield. The name of one of the actors is positioned on the ground next to the tank, then after a few seconds it fades away. Then another actors name is revealed in the sky as one of the planes fly by.

As the camera finishes tracking to the right a plane flies into the centre of the shot then darts directly up into the sky. The camera then tracks the plane into the clouds then in to the sky.

The camera stops tracking the plane as it flies off screen. Three planes then fly on and off screen from right to left. As one of the planes fly across the screen it reveals the name of the final actor.

Three more planes then fly on screen firing bullets at each other, then fly back off screen.

As all the planes fly off the screen one more plane flies across, filling most of the screen. The title Dreamtime is revealed behind the plane as it passes.

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