Vanadium By: Ana Schlumberger 6P

Vanadium in periodic table

Today I will be talking about Vanadium

Vanadium is a metal and it is rare

Atomic number: 23

Symbol: V

Atomic mass: 50.942

The Bohr model for Vanadium

Melting point: 2183 K or 1920 *C

Boiling point: 3680 K or 3407 *C

Normal state of matter at a room tenpeture: Solid

Vanadium inspection

Appearance: white to gray metal has no smell and is very hard

Where is it found: Russia and South America, may also be found in U.S., Canada and China

Discoverment: Andrés Manuel del Río a Spanish-Mexican scientist, discovered on 1801, but then rediscovered by Swedish scientist in 1830

Vanadium rock

Origin of its name: Named after Vanadis, a Scandivian goddess

Fun facts:

  • Vanadium was almost renamed “rionium” after its original discoverer but it was rejected
  • Vanadium does not appear naturally in it's elemental form a it's elemental form, but is found in more than 65 minerals
  • Is harder than most of the other elemental metals
  • Vanadium is often found in ocean animals than on land

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