Cory Fox My Story

I was born in Greeneville Tennessee, 30 minutes down the road from Johnson City. However, my dad and I moved to Franklin North Carolina when I was 9 years old.

As a kid sports were my passion. They were what I ran to when times got tough. As I got older the bigger the sports became. In high school I was a two sport athlete that solely focused on athletics rather than putting effort into academics.

I eventually drew some interest from Ohio University, to further my baseball career. Unfortunately, some poor decisions led me to not pursue this opportunity. When my final season was over, my wild side began to show itself in a number of ways.

After graduation I was still unsure where I wanted to attend college. I had been accepted to the University of Louisville, as well as East Tennessee State University. I knew that at the time Louisville's Sports Management program was in the top 5 and that I was going to pursue a degree in that area of study. However, I ultimately chose to stay close to home and attend ETSU.
When I got to ETSU I knew nobody. That was a problem for me. I enjoyed the community and having large groups of friends. So I thought of the quickest way to fix this. I decided to rush a fraternity during my first semester. Given my past this was not the best decision. My grades began to slip as I was beginning to drink heavily. Along with that, I did not stop at just alcohol.

Eventually my lifestyle caught up to me, as I was rushed to the hospital with a heart rate of 180. That night I was told that if I would not have gone to the emergency room I would have died. After the cardiologist ran test they told me that my aortic valve was constricted and my heart was overworking itself to produce enough blood. The possible routes to fix it were surgery or to take medication for the rest of my life.

But then, the impossible happen!

I had grown up hearing about Jesus and knew what it meant to follow him. In fact, my sophomore year in high school I made the decision to follow Him. However, I was running from God and did not want anything to do with Him. Instead, I wanted to have fun my way. My way led me to rock bottom and almost killed me. But, as I laid in the hospital bed. I called out to God to forgive me. When I finished my prayer, this lady came in to my room to clean. Not knowing that I had just prayed or what was wrong, she told me everything was ok and to give God the Glory. Just minutes after she left, the cardiologist came back into the room and told me that my valve was no longer constricted, and that my heart was as healthy as could be. I left the hospital that day with no medication, and no follow up appointment scheduled. However, my life was forever changed as my passions and desires were brand new.

My second semester, was a complete start over for me. As I continued to grow in my faith I was led to the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. The BCM has played a huge part in my life as I gained friends that discipled me. After a few months at the BCM I knew that God was calling me to ministry. I still have no idea why but I wouldn't change it for anything!

Sports Ministry in Cincinnati

Just a year removed from alcohol and drugs, I found myself leading a bible study. Still amazed how fast God changed my life. Today I serve on the BCM leadership team as the leader of Sports Ministry and the Outlet coordinator. The Outlet is our weekly service so its my job to coordinate it and make sure everything runs smoothly. I'm truly humbled at the opportunity to serve a gracious God.

The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever Amen. -2 Timothy 4:18


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