Constans Theatre A place of the arts

My spatial experience on my way to the play was a little bit embarrassing. I went to the wrong theatre at first, where the environment was extremely fancy, while I was in athletic clothing. I clearly did not belong and eventually realized that I was not at Constans theatre. Above is a photo of where I went at first and below is a photo of how happy I was when I found the right theatre.
When I made it to the right theatre, I felt right at home. I was surrounded by fellow students who were dressed equally as casually as me, and I immediately made a friend on my way in.
This is my gal pal Jennifer, who I made friends with at the play. I had a very positive social experience during this assignment. Having a friend to watch the play with made it far more enjoyable, as I had someone to share my moments of happiness, shock, and sadness with. This could be part of what the goodlife is all about to me - not being alone and having people to share experiences with.
The cultural and intellectual experience this play provided for me was incredible. The plot had motifs including rebellion, controversy within the church, the struggle of the poor, and more, and watching the actors create the story made me feel like I was a part of it. I thought about things I have never before considered, which is why I consider this experience so valuable.
This is a photo of Jennifer, me, and the man who played Leo. We ran into him outside and were so elated when he agreed to take a picture with us. This play provided a katharsis that Jennifer and I were not expecting. With a thick plot that involved poverty, rape, drugs, and inner struggles attached to each character, we as viewers felt that the play was brutally honest about reality. Our emotions were all over the place - one minute we would be laughing at how happy and carefree Leo, the little brother, was and the next minute we were crushed by having to come to terms with his death. After the play, we all felt that a weight was lifted off of our shoulders just from watching it.

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