Exploring Technology By ANTHONY BUETI

For the spaghetti tower we were challenged to take marshmallows and pasta and stick them togethor and make the tallest tower. We lost because ours fell apart.
we learn't how to properly measure wood and cut it.
On sketchup we had to create a barn using measurments and decoration. My barn came pretty good with a lot of detail.
We used out measuring sklls to create a crate consisting of a wider peice of wood and skinnier peice of wood.
We had to cut out a french curve using very keen cutting skills.
We had to assemble a car lift using the instructions and water pressure.
We had to assemble a solar car with instructions and see if it worked in the sunlight.
We created a Bird House witch took the longest out all of these projects. We had to plan it out. Find the right amount of sticks of wood. We had to measure and mark the wood. Then we cut the wood and lastly we used hot glue to assemble it.

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