Frankenstein Theme Analysis Nature is Beautiful and RESTORATIVE

"The sublime shape of the mountains, the changes of season; tempest and calm, the silence of winter and the life and turbulence of our alpine summer- she found ample scope for admiration and delight." (42)

Elizabeth uses the scenery to write poems and relax, she just likes the way things look

"Who but a native can tell the delight I took in again beholding thy thy stream, thy mountains, and more then all thy lovely lake" (91)

Victor is thinking how beautiful the lake and streams are and how pretty the mountains are and how someone who is not from there would probably think the same thing too

"But in the evening, when the weather would permitted it, I walk on side the stony beach of the sea to listen to the waves they roared and dashed at my feet. It was monotonous yet ever changing scene." (207)

Victor would walk on the beach to clear his mind of what he has to do which in this case is making the monster a mate

"I thought of Switzerland; it was far Different from this desolate and appalling land scape. Its Hills are covered with vines, and its cottages are scattered thickly in plenty." (207)

Victor is also insulting the land that he is staying is nothing compared to the land in Switzerland

"The moon had reached her summit in heavens and was beginning to descend; the clouds swept across it swifter then the flight of the vulture and deemed her rays." (246)

this quote shows that the sky is changing because it's about to rain but it's also giving off a vibe that something bad might happen

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