World Religions


Islam followers are more commonly known as Muslims, their religion is a monotheistic religion which means that they believe in only one almighty God. Their leader or Prophet is Muhammad who is also the founder of their religion.

  • Islam is one of the largest religions in the world with over 1 Billion followers.
  • Islam practices center on the five pillars of Islam-faith; prayer; fasting; pilgrimage to Mecca; and alms.
  • The central theme of the religion, is that there is only one God.
  • The name of God is Allah which is Arabic for "The God"
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Buddhism is a religion that is strongly based on the teachings attributed to the buddah, and dharma that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices.

  • They believe in Nirvana and there is a path to Nirvanva which is made up of eitht steps, sometimes called the Eight fold path.
  • The buddah founded an orer of monks and nuns known as the sangaha who have preserved his teachings down to the present day.
  • With 360 million followers, buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world.
  • In huddhism, there is no single holy book. Extensice scriptures have been preserved in many asian languages.


Hinduism is the oldest know religion in the world, and also the 3rd larges with over 1 Billion followers, they do not have set leaders or "governing" but they do follow still.

  • The major books that are used in hinduism are: the Vedas, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, 18 Puranas, and Mahabharata.
  • Om is considered to be the subtle sound of the universe, and can be heard in deep meditation.
  • Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Vastu, Jyotish, Tantra, Astrology are huge contributions to the world.
  • There are three major sects in Hinduism: Shaiva, Shakti, and Vaishnava. But these are not strict; a follower can practice multiple paths because they’re so similar.


This religion is based on the teachings of the jesus of nazarth, they believe that christ is the son of God and that he is the anointed one. They use the New Testament as their scripture reference because it documents christs life.

  • Jesus is often refered to the Messiah or Christ.
  • Christians believe that jesus will return to the earth also known as the "second coming".
  • Baptism in the Christian faith can have different meaning. Some believe it makes the person being baptized a member of the church while others believe it is linked to salvation or that it can strengthen a person's faith.
  • Although Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and practiced in many countries around the world, it is mainly practiced in North America, South America, and in Europe.


Judaism in a Abrahamic religion that originated approximatly 3500 years ago in the middle east. Many believe that moses was the founder of the religion.

  • Jewish followers refer to God as Yahweh.
  • The Torah consists of the five books of Moses
  • The religious symbol of Judaism is the Star of David.
  • There are approximately 14,000,000 Jewish people in the world today
  • In Judaism the most important religious practice is following the 613 Commandments in the Law of Moses.


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