My Trip to the Harn Museum By: Alyssa Ohmstede

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist: This piece of artwork caught my eye pretty quickly. For one, it is made in gray scale tones which is very appealing to me, and it also depicts a horse which is my favorite animal. When I looked closer, I read that is was a woodcut print, and I found that very interesting and more unique than some are the other pieces.
Design of the Museum: The Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall was a very aesthetically pleasing exhibit for me personally. I enjoyed that there were not a lot of bright colors or different colors. The thing that appealed to me the most is the symmetry of the exhibit, however it was so large that you cannot see it in the photographs. The walls that the pieces were hung on made the room even, which was very calming for me.
Art and Core Value: This artwork was comforting to me because of it's intimacy. I enjoyed the close knit contact between parents and child. Family is very important to me and I think this bronze piece exhibited that. This also intertwines with one of my core values from my This I Believe sort, which is honoring my family. I think that this piece instills this belief because if I was not close with my family, honoring my family would not be as important.
Art and the Good Life: I think that this photo is a good representation of the good life and it's individuality. The wardrobes of the photographed individuals are quite different from what we would normally see our culture, but it has to do with their status in theirs. The process of them wearing this garb and performing the rituals that they believe are fitting of their quest for the good life. As I previously stated, it is not what we associate with the good life by many Americans personal standards, but the ability to each have our own journey to the good life is what is important and demonstrated here.

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