Journey Log 9 Kylee Keenan

The image depicted above is a drawn image of the inside of the sanctuary that I created for Ursula. Like I discussed in the previous journey log, the inside and outside contrast sharply. The outside appears as any normal home may look, but the inside is purposely given an eerie mood. The inside walls are made out of obsidian (dark purple stone), glowstone to provide some light in the cave, and regular stone. Ursula’s throne is made from purpur blocks, blocks of quartz, purpur slab, and quartz slab. Water fills the bottom of the cave, given that she is a sea creature and resides in water. Additionally, the torches have been included to create a disturbing feeling. I attempted to make Ursula’s throne extravagant (with my Minecraft building skills which are not so good) to match her flamboyant personality. I also made sure to add touches of purple throughout the entire sanctuary due to Ursula’s “color” being purple. One more point I would like to mention about her dwelling is that it is isolated and far away from anything else. She has been secluded from King Triton’s kingdom and the merfolk, so it is important that I fashioned her sanctuary after her residence in The Little Mermaid.

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