Good Life Tour of the Harn Samantha Singer

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

"Ancestor Spirit Masquerade Costume (Egungun)" Gift of Rod McGalliard

This art is made of fabric, leather, cowrie, shells, and metal. The artist covered the piece with layers of fabric panels from the generations of family in order to honor the ancestral spirits. Seeing this piece in person made me feel connected to the energy of this generation. It made me feel empowered and awed.

Design of the Museum

Left: "Infinite Pillars" WADA Akira; Middle: "A Heave to Unfold" NAKAIGAWA Yuki; Right: "Pli Selon Pli" AKIYAMA

This section, the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing, really spoke to me due to its structures and placing of art. It was very bold, with huge works centered in the massive hard wood floor room. I loved how open it felt, and it was able to focus on these three large pieces of art. It was also very cultural with Asian sculptures. It made me feel small but powerful.

Art and Core Values

"Juchiteca de pie" Francisco Zúñiga

This statue caught my eye the moment I saw it. Along with the fact that this piece was placed in a garden with stones. As a woman in this newly empowering society, I felt that this really spoke to us. The way this woman in the statue holds her stance makes her shed a powerful message. It makes me feel empowered, and to know that women all shapes and sizes are important and special.

Art and the Good Life

Left: "Seated Bodhisattva" Joseon Dynasty" Right: "Vajravarahi" Purchase from Michael and Donna Singer

These works of art reminded me of the book we had to read in Good Life called Siddhartha. In the picture on the right is a Bodhisattva, a Buddhist saint and savior. This "almost" Buddha refrains from enlightenment in order to help others reach the same goal. This reminded me of Vasudeva when he helps Siddhartha cross the river and understand life. Once he knew Siddhartha would reach his enlightenment, he let himself find the good life too.

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