Angelina Smith In my room

By Hannah Bernstein and Jenna Jarjoura


A few months ago CHS senior, Angelina Smith moved into a new house. When she first began to think about designing her room she noticed that she had a lot more space than before.

“I definitely saw a lot of potential to make my room a place I actually wanted to hangout,” Smith said. “My last room didn’t show who I was and it wasn’t really a place that said a lot about me.”

Smith has collected snow globes ever since she was young. Unfortunately, Smith has moved many times and within the process of transporting her belongings, many of them broke. But, one that she holds close to her heart is one she got in the beginning of her collection.

She is an only child so her room is a place she finds herself a lot. She creates art work, watches Netflix, eats almost every meal there and does her homework in her room too.

Her room is designed with mostly family memories. Smith recently came across film photos of her mother from when she was younger and added them to her room.

“[The pictures] help me remember the good times, that way when I’m sad I can look at the memories and relive them,” Smith said. The photos bring life to her room and comfort when she is alone.

Smith has a collection of both film and digital photos scattered around her room. She used many things from her parents and past life to design her room, but also includes posters and pictures from more recent experiences. The posters around her room are very personal to her life and are not similar to many of her friends interests.

Her walls are also decorated with notes that her mother has left her. They are all filled with love and encouragement. This keeps Smith positive and motivated.

The rest of her room is collection of posters, snow globes and artwork. The only snow globe she has left reads, ‘May there always be an angel by your side.’ She feels lucky having it in her room with her to this day.

“I feel like my room is definitely much more of who I am now rather than who I used to be,” Smith said. “As I have gotten happier and discovered who I am, the more my room has shaped into that.”

Smith does not live with her mother. But, her mother surprises Smith with different letters and works of art to let her know that she is thinking of her and misses her.