Medical Advancement Alyxandra gietzen

The medical advancement has come along way. From back in the days, to modern days, they didn’t have alot of vaccines. For polio or the flu and now people get vaccines for both of those medical conditions about every couple times a year during the season which the condition is common. Not just vaccines but, also the studying of genetics/other organisms that can be important to creating more vaccines.


Life before this advancement was very bad. Lots of people died because of poor medical treatment. Not a lot of people got the medical attention they needed so the population was low while the death rate was high.

High death rates

This affected (of course) everybody who became sick and everyone who needed medical attention. Lots of people were affected by sickness and died so those who received treatment were treated and lived healthy lives unlike the ones who died from infection and non-curable diseases.

1763; Surgery was first conducted properly

Surgery properly done right

1796; First vaccine was created

1887; Contact lenses were create

Contact lenses

2006; First vaccine to target cancer cells, not cure it but target, slowing the process

Different types of cancer cells

My advancement had a positive effect on human society because back then, the medical attention the ill got was beyond unsanitary and not good whatsoever. If a person needed a leg or arm amputated, they used the same blade from a previous person used. This caused much conflict because shortly after, those people would die from infection or blood-borne disease which is caused by cross contamination of blood. Around the 1700’s, 1763 to be exact, surgery was then properly done, making people in awe because of how sanitary and how much better it was then further back in the day. Going forward to 1796, the first vaccine was created. This was probably the most effective medical advancement to be created. Back then, whenever someone would get an illness, for example; polio, measles, or chickenpox, before there was a vaccine, each year chickenpox caused about 4 million people to get sick, more than 10,500 hospitalizations and about 100 to 150 deaths. Creating vaccines made life more easier and caused the population to go up, making death rates lower because of how much these vaccines helped people, making the death rate decrease. Diseases weren’t always fatal. Little things like contact lenses, helping sight, were created in 1887. This of course was very helpful so those people who needed it, could help see and work more effectively. Fast forwarding to a more recent time, in 2006 the first vaccine to target cancer cells was created. Although this vaccine can’t cure cancer, it target cancer cells, slowing down the process. It was also made to where the vaccine is intended to prevent cancer from developing in healthy people, almost like a flu shot, while fighting against cancer, in hopes of slowing and fighting against the process of cancer cells growing even more. In today’s world, more vaccines and cures are created everyday, finding bacteria and fighting against illnesses are also found everyday. There is a huge world out there full of opportunities to help the sick and ill. All these reasons show why the medical advancement was the most successful.

PROS; Can cure more illnesses, leads to more discoveries with advanced technology, higher life expectancy, more medical training, low death rate(s), leads to more discoveries of curable diseases

CONS; People died because of how long it took to discover new cures, medicine still doesn’t always promise a cure, still finding cures for certain things; cancer, can take awhile, couldn’t find every cure for everything but still helps out diseases that are curable-Finding medicines were often fictional back in the days

Life after this advancement was so much better and positive. People became in awe due to the cures of many medical conditions they had, causing population to rise because of the new medicine that they found.

Sunshine! Because life is now good with curable vaccines to help people



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