Their Eyes Were Watching God.👰🏽🤵🏾 Presentation by:Journi Dawson b8

The theme in the story reveals that love isn't something that can be bought with money or something that is always found easily. Love is something that you allow to happen by itself without listening to outsiders and their opinions.

Joe Starks along with many more expected Janie to love him for the material things that he provided for her instead of actual genuine love. After Joe Starks passed away, people in Eatonville compared Tea Cake and Joes Starks wealth to one another. Tea Cake was talked horribly upon by the people in Eatonville. They were trying hard to give Janie a bad perception of Tea Cake but she ignored it all. No matter what people said Janie risked everything for Tea Cake because wealth or what others said didn't matter to her .

"In the few days to live before she went to Logan Killicks and his often-mentioned sixty acres, Janie asked inside of her- self and out...Finally out of Nanny’s talk and her own conjectures she made a sort of comfort for herself. Yes, she would love Logan after they were married."(Hurston,28)

"Over, Janie? I god, Ah ain’t even started good. Ah told you in de very first beginnin’ dat Ah aimed tuh be uh big voice. You oughta be glad, ’cause dat makes uh big woman outa you.”(Hurston,58)

"You better sense her intuh things then ’cause Tea Cake can’t do nothin’ but help her spend whut she got. Ah reckon dat’s whut he’s after. Throwin’ away whut Joe Starks worked hard tuh git tuhgether."(Hurston,134)

Representing-Money is worth nothing compared to love .
Representing:Love is priceless.
(First met)


Tea Cake:

Direct- " She couldn't make him look just like any other man to her ...He could be a bee to a blossom a pear tree blossom in the spring ...He was a glance from god.(Hurston,129)

Indirect- " Janie everybody's talkin 'bout how dat Tea Cake draggin you round tub places you ain't used tuh...He don't know you'se uster uh high time crowd than that you always did class of."(Hurston,135)


Direct:"Jody classed me off .Ah didn't...Ah always did want tuh git round uh whole heap but Jody wouldn't low me tuh...When ah wasn't in de store he wanted me tuh jes sit wid folded hands and sit deer."(Hurston,135)

Indirect-"She sits high,but she look low . Dat's what ah say 'bout ole women runnun' after young boys."(Hurston,6)

(On the muck)❣️

Symbol- The Hurricane

The hurricane was really devastating for Tea Cake and Janie along with many more people.But during that time it disclosed how much Tea Cake and Janie actually felt about one another. There was mutal love between them ,that they both greatly cherished. Within a short amount of time it was all ripped away by a hurricane.

Quote(s): "It was the meanest moment of eternity."(Hurston,219)

"Tea Cake, you’se sick. You’se takin’ everything in de way Ah don’t mean it. Ah couldn’t never be tired uh waitin’ on you. Ah’m just skeered you’se too sick fuh me tuh han- dle. Ah wants yuh tuh git well, honey. Dat’s all.”(Hurston,216)

"She had wanted him to live so much and he was dead. No hour is ever eternity, but it has its right to weep."(Hurston,216)

"Janie buried Tea Cake in Palm Beach.She knew he loved the 'Glades but it was too low for him to lie with water maybe washing over him with every heavy rain. Anyway, the ’Glades and its waters had killed him. She wanted him out of the way of storms, so she had a strong vault built in the cemetery at West Palm Beach"(Hurston ,225)

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