Arctic Tundra By Lance, eddie, likhit

The Arctic Tundra is located in Northern Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and Asia.
The Temperature during the winter can be between ( -20 to -30 ) Degrees. The Temperature during the summer can be between ( 37 to 54') degrees.
Some plants that live in the Arctic Tundra are, Mosses, Sedges, Small Shrubs, and flowers. (In the Spring)
Some animals that live in the Arctic Tundra are, Arctic Foxes, Polar Bears, Ground Squirrels, Musk Oxens, and Arctic Birds.
Some facts about the Arctic Tundra are, The Word "Tundra" means Treeless. ----Plants that live in the Arctic Tundra Grow very Slowly. --- Animals in the Tundra tend to have small Ears and Tails.

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