Kombucha Leather an experiment of sorts

On March 3rd, I started the experiment by making tea, adding sugar, and once cooled, I added some apple cider vinegar, then the SCOBY. I followed the protocol given to me by Oliver. Thank you Oliver.

I decided to harvest my leather today after 28 days on a heat mat. It sat underserved with a towel over the covered container in order to keep it dark and avoid the draft room. There were a few layers. I peaked off the original SCOBY and will use this for the next batch. I then washed it in the sink.
I decided to experiment by drying the microbial layer in the oven @ 180 degrees. After washing some of the darker residue from the tea, I added the wet layer to a Silpat, a silicone non stick mat. (Left) I placed the mat right on on the oven rack. (Middle) The image on the right shows how much it has dried in 30 mins.
Here is a close up of the layer at 30 mins @1 80 degrees (f).

Stay tuned for what happens after an hour and beyond. I'll post more images as I move along.

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