Cheezy Does It! Izza Khalid

Cheezy Does It! is a food-truck which will be located in Toronto, with the precise location changing every few months or changing according to the demand. The food truck will be selling foods which highlight their cheesy components. Also, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be offered. Moreover, tables and chairs will be placed outside, depending on the space provided, for customers who would like to have a seat while they eat. Furthermore, fresh juices and desserts (e.g. cheesecakes etc.) will be sold. The food-truck will develop a calm and enjoyable environment, with the customer-service being friendly and enthusiastic.

Types of food and drinks the food-truck will be selling:

Research Images:

I attempted to research images which portrayed food-trucks etc. and I used many of the ideas shown above, however I did not utilize the second food-truck image, as I found it to be less pleasing and less compatible with the type of food served and the overall environment which the food truck will create.




Comprehensive drawing:


Can be used for apps etc.
Can be used for most areas of advertising.

Preview of the logo on the Food-truck


For branding purposes, colours (e.g. yellow and orange) were chosen to emphasis the incorporation of cheese into the food; the colours, used for branding, can be seen in the logo, with black added for contrast and for making the logo more eye-catching. Furthermore, the circular shapes were chosen to represent a plate, with the triangular parts added for aesthetic value. In addition, the slice of cheese can be seen as the centre of attention, with the brand-name curving above it, in order for everything to be neatly placed.

Furthermore, my inspiration came from my research and more specifically the shapes of the logos; my design includes very simple shapes, with the ribbons being added for making the logo more noticeable.

To add to that, I had many problems during this assignment, as I had to restart and search for inspiration time and time again. The best improvement would be to go with what my heart says, as my brain overthinks everything. Also, I would like to develop my skills in Photoshop for future assignments or other purposes.

Overall though, I like the boldness of this piece, as well as its simplicity.

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