NEWSLETTER 8 November 2019



Mrs Carlie Deppeler

I get so much satisfaction out of my job at this time of year, it is when we start finalising assessments and I get to see how the students have done over the whole year. I get to see the bigger picture and see the quantifiable evidence of growth. We have had some real wins in student growth at our College this year, in particular, the writing program and spelling program in K-6 has started to show in our NAPLAN growth results.

However, some of the growth we as teachers see can’t be measured by NAPLAN or any “testing” and it is nice to see growth in those intangible things like respect, work ethic and communication. As we move towards the time of year we recognise student achievement in a formal way it is also important to remember the immeasurable things and really encourage our children and acknowledge how far they have grown this year, not in stature, but in towards being a valuable member of society.

- Mrs Deppeler



All Parents & Friends Invited

WHEN: Tuesday 12 November, 7:30pm

WHERE: Castle Hill Campus Library

Voting for the 2020 Executive Committee of the Home & School Association will be carried out on during this meeting. See below for more information on these roles.

If anyone would like to volunteer for an executive position, or if they have any questions, please forward them to homeandschool.secretary@gmail.com.

Available positions are:

- President

- Vice President Senior

- Vice President Middle

- Vice President Junior

- Treasurer

- Secretary

Come along and get involved! Dinner (Pizza) will be provided on the night for all those who attend.

Home & School Executive Roles - 2020

As the end of the year draws near, it is time to appoint the executive team for the Home and School Association (H&S) for 2020.

The H&S is an integral and valued part of Hills Adventist College.

Below is an outline of the roles of the members of the executive committee of the H&S. Please take a moment to read through the roles and then nominate someone you feel might be suitable to serve in the various capacities. Please send all your nominations to principal@hills.adventist.edu.au. You are more than welcome to nominate yourself and voting will take place at the final Home & School meeting on Tuesday 12th November 2019.

Home & School Executive Committee Roles

The Home & School Association (H&S) holds regular meetings to plan and organise activities within its responsibility. The structure is:

Executive Committee

• President (Chair)

• Vice Presidents – ELC, Junior School, Middle School, Senior School

• Secretary

• Treasurer

The responsibilities of the Executive Committee members are as follows:


The College Council elects the President, following recommendations from the H&S Committee. The role involves:

• Chairing the Home & School Committee meetings

• Assisting the Principal in parent-teacher activities organised by H&S.

• Overseeing the various sub committees, with the assistance of the Vice-Presidents.

• Ensuring the subcommittees regularly report on activities.

• Ensuring issues arising from subcommittees are brought to the attention of the H&S Committee.

• Liaising with College staff on H&S activities and seeking their feedback.

• Representing H&S as a member or invitee of College Council and updating the Council on H&S issues as appropriate.

• Approving banking transactions and signing cheques for the H&S as an Authorised Signatory.

• Updating and maintaining the H&S Association Manual as required.

• Following through on all H&S decisions.

Vice Presidents – ELC, Junior School, Middle School, Senior School

The College Council, following recommendations from the H&S Committee, elects these positions. The role involves:

• Being an active member of the H&S Committee.

• Deputising for the President as required (including attendance at College Council on behalf of the President).

• Assisting the President in overseeing the various subcommittees.

• Being an Authorised Signatory for the H&S Bank Accounts, if required.

• Being a leader and positive influence on the campus they represent.

• Generating ideas for events and projects specific to their campus.

• Upholding the College principles and the staff within the College community.

• Coordinating, empowering and overseeing the Class Representatives for their respective campuses.


The College Council, following the recommendations from the H&S Committee, elects this position. This role involves:

• Being an active member of the H&S Committee.

• Taking Minutes at H&S meetings.

• The preparation and distribution of Minutes from the H&S on a timely basis.

• The handling of any correspondence relating to the H&S.

• The preparation and distribution of H&S communication

• Oversight of the H&S Facebook pages

• Sending reminders to Committee members of upcoming events and meetings.

• Preparation of the Agenda for H&S meetings in liaison with the President.

• Calling of meetings in liaison with the President, Principal and College Marketing Officer

• Sending out working bee reminders.

• Maintaining and distributing accurate contact lists


The College Council, following recommendations from the H&S Committee, elects this position. This position involves:

• Being an active member of the H&S Committee.

• Record keeping on all income and expenditure of the H&S, including the Canteen, Uniform Shop, events, fundraising and the H&S voluntary contribution collected by the College with the College fees.

• Reconciling the bank statements with internal record keeping.

• Providing adequate information at H&S meetings enabling members to understand the current financial position.

• Being the administrator of, and an authorised signatory for the bank accounts.

• Payment of all authorised invoices.

• Advising the H&S with strategies for handling funds including preparation of a budget within the first month of new school year.

• Maintaining banking relationships and updating banking forms and procedures.

- Home & School Executive Committee


In the interest of your child’s safety in the car, we would like to remind all families that by law, all children under the age of seven must be safely fastened in the correct child car seat for their age and size. Additionally, according to the NSW Centre for Road Safety, “Children aged from seven years old but under 16 years old who are too small to be restrained by a seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened are strongly recommended to use an approved booster seat.” It is recommended that children should be at least 145cm tall before they use an adult lap-sash seatbelt. Please ensure that any car transporting your child to or from school is fitted with the appropriate child car seat until your child is old enough and tall enough to use the adult seat belt.

For further information, please click on the link below:

Year 5 Band Performance

Year 5 Families:

Don't forget to come along and see the great musical talent our Year 5 students have developed this year. See details below:


The last day for borrowing general library books will be Friday of Week 4 (8 Nov - THIS WEEK), and all library books need to be returned by Friday of Week 6 (22 Nov) in order to avoid incurring charges. This does not include textbooks or class novels, which can be kept until the end of term. If you have any novels or wide reading from previous terms, please also return these before your de-registration date to simplify your de-registration process.


If your child will not be here until the last day of term, please ensure they complete the de-registration process BEFORE leaving on early holidays etc. Particularly textbooks and equipment need to be returned before departure for the year. All other students will be de-registering on the final day of classes.


Grandparents Day

Recently our Junior School Students enjoyed welcoming their Grandparents and special family friends to explore their classrooms, enjoy a picnic and lots of other fun activities. It was a special day to have family members there, and our Junior students were very excited to have them there.

Kindy & Year 1's Learn How Diwali is Celebrated

On Friday October 26 parents in Kindergarten and Year One came to share ways they celebrate Diwali. We learned some Bollywood dance moves, made a rangoli craft, had henna art on their hands and enjoyed tasty Indian sweets. Students have been learning about different celebrations observed around the world and this was an excellent hands on experience.

- Mrs Weslake & Mrs Steyn

Westmead Children's Hospital Toy Donation

Ilia and Yianni are two of our Castle Hill students who have decided for Christmas that they will be collecting Christmas presents for the Westmead Children's Hospital. This is their third year collecting presents and last year they collected hundreds of toys. This was all thanks to some amazing people who really went out of their way to help. If you are able to assist them this year and make a donation it would be greatly appreciated. Toys can be dropped off at Castle Hill Reception up until November 29 and then Ilia and Yianna will be arranging delivery.

It is fantastic to hear about the ways in which our students give back to the wider community. Thank you for your service and compassion Ilia and Yianna.

- Mr Marsden

Commerce Market Day 2019

We had 15 groups on the day, running a range of stalls. Everyone got in on the action!

Huge thank you to the Years 9 & 10 Commerce students + Year 6 student participants (and their parents supporting from home) for all their dedication to planning, promoting and running of their businesses on the day. We definitely have a large number of budding entrepreneurs in our College and it was great to see them in their element. Thanks to everyone for making it a great success!

- Mrs Lolohea

Cricket Blast Cup Regional Final

Representing the Hills Region, our Year 6 boys cricket team qualified for the Woolworths Cricket Blast Cup Regional Final, which was held on Wednesday 6th November. The team played a number of different schools from the Sydney West region. It was a fierce competition and they won one game and lost two. It was a great day and the boys displayed sportsmanship on the field. Well done boys.

- Mrs Fraser

Hills Zone Triathlon

We had 9 secondary teams and one individual compete at the Hills Zone Triathlon this year. Conditions were extremely hot, however the conveners rearranged races and times so that we could be finished before 12:30pm. The transition zone was crazy and Mrs Fraser did a fantastic job making sure everyone stayed safe.

Our Primary Team: Roman, Tarun and Marco placed 6th which was the best result for Hills for the day. Our senior boys and intermediate boy both placed 8th , only girls team came 12th and the best of our junior boys came 9th. Check the Hills Zone website for results. It was a great day and I’m sure everyone slept well that night!

- Mrs Reid


Kellyville Adventist Church

Castle Hill Adventist Church

Wahroonga Adventist Church