Good Life Performance Review David HEym

The Spacial Experience

The physical setting of the theater was pretty great. When I walked in it was somewhat dark and the stage was the center of attention. It almost made me feel like I was not even noticeable due to all the lighting for the stage. My seat location was low towards the stage and next to the aisle. When the actors and actresses were in the aisle I could have reached out and touched them because they were so close. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I felt like I was not even there and witnessing a different event. The size of the auditorium was small enough for everyone to get a good idea of the facial expressions and what all the performers looked like. It seemed like a personal experience. Place has a role in the good life because one's surroundings may mean a lot to them. Some people may like loud and busy areas, whereas others may like quite and peaceful areas.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with friends. To get ready for the performance I registered for a ticket. Before the performance I I put on decent clothes and walked to the Reitz Union with a couple of friends, and I also met a couple of friends there as well. Attending with friends enhanced the performace because I was able to be comfortable where I sat and fully experience the play, and the during intermission I was able to talk to them about what had happened so far, as well as after the play ended. The role of the shared experience in the good life allows people to share experiences with each other, further connecting one another.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue addressed in the performance, considering the time and place, was the role of the church and their views on the performing arts and theatre. It also brought up controversy of pedophilia in the church as well as the use of children in factories for cheap labor. I did not know that the church was against theatre, but I did know it had history of pedophilia. I also knew that labor laws were a serious problem in the time period, and poverty was the reason people had to break them. The performance did not change my views on anything except how the church viewed acting back then. It did emphasize those problems again however, which is not good. The subject matter does not have any relationship to me whatsoever.

The Emotional Experience

The play allows for the audience to undergo katharsis because it gives the opportunity to look at social problems that happened before and possibly still happen to this day. The audience will see the world for what it truly is, cleaning away the naivety of what they assume really happens. If people can connect with the play, then they may feel more comfortable knowing that others do know what is happening in the world.

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