The Flamingo Flyer March 2017

Company Kick-Off Meeting

Caught on Candid Camera

On March 6th the whole company got together at the Riverside Hotel for a kick-off meeting. It was a great opportunity to come together and prepare for the new season. We got to watch videos, meet new employees, talk about the company's vision and go over our values, goals and non-negotiables.

After a short break, the owners, managers, supervisors, foremen and foremen-in-training stuck around for additional training on safety, new systems and new equipment. In the end, both meetings were successful (and fun!)

Joe becomes a Partner

VP of Maintenance and the company's newest partner, Joe Gruber.

One of the things we talked about at the kick-off meeting was the company's newest partner. Joe became a partner this season after a year and a half with the company. He has already brought the maintenance department great success and as a partner, he will continue to help the company grow.

Check out the link below to see Joe's press release on the Idaho Business Review's website.

Out the old, in with the new (phones)

Our new phone system is up and running and it's pretty flocking awesome. We've got new phones, new ringtones and even a cordless phone for the nursery. Special thanks to Glade for getting it all sorted out and Christine (plus baby) for getting all the new phones set up and for training everyone on how to use them!

Boise Flower & Garden Show 2017

Another year, another Flower & Garden Show. This year Char and Heather put together a beautiful design that used matte black with subtle but striking greenery to bring the French country courtyard to life. The design was a hit at the show and had everyone wishing they could take the whole thing home and enjoy it in their own backyard! Thanks Char, Heather and the nursery staff for all your hard work! Check out our highlight reel from the show!

Moving on OUT!

The Maintenance department got a new trailer, Jill and Glade got offices with doors and Christine got a brand new desk! Things are looking a little bit different around the office as people move around but don't worry, we'll get used to it! In the coming weeks the nursery staff will move into the main office and Kayla (the nomadic marketing assistant) will finally find her permanent home. All the changes might be kind of weird at first but they're exciting too! It means we're growing and making room for new people and new positions. Make sure you stop by everybody's new desk to say hi and see their new digs!

St. Patrick's Day @ Franz Witte

Even the Flamingos were feeling green this year for good old St. Patrick's Day.


The end of March means the first of April is just around the corner. Check out the links below for some funny April Fool's Day pranks! But don't get any ideas about pulling any pranks at the office. Sadly, April Fool's day is on a Saturday!

Happy (belated) Birthday to all of the March Birthdays in the flock and Happy (early) Birthday to all of the April Birthdays!!

March Birthdays

Jesus Gomez (March 6th),Tyler Nobles (March 8th), Jaime Rodriguez (March 8th), Jake Koppes (March 14th), Debbie Gibbons-DeRouen (March 20th), Abimael Pedraza (March 24th), Pedro Martinez (March 30th).

April Birthdays

Kelly Hendricks (April 3rd), Jose Manuel Gomez (April 7th), Constantino Hernandez (April 12th)

Carhartt at Work

Go to Carhartt from April 17th-April 22nd for special deals!

See you next month!


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