Ranking Rome's Contributions Using P.E.R.S.I.A as a lens

Rome's most lasting contributions are clearly in the POLITICAL realm.

Yes, we still see Roman architecture everywhere, and we still study Roman philosophers, but it's Rome's political structures that have the biggest impact even on the modern world.

You can see Rome's influence stamped all over the political system of the United States. Take, for instance, the Latin roots of our most important political vocabulary: "republic, virtue, president, capitol, constitution, and Senate" (hauensteincenter.org). More importantly, according to the Hauenstein Center: "The Founders’ political ideas were largely informed by Roman republican and imperial ideas. They sought to create a mixed constitution that balanced monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. (This is why our nation is not technically a democracy.)" The founders of the US system were directly inspired by the Roman system of government. Since there were 2000 years between the creation of the Roman system and the creation of the US system, it seems clear that the Roman system is based on a solid and lasting understanding of human nature and governance.

After politics, the Romans made the most lasting contributions in the realm of ART (architecture).

Explanation here... testing.

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