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On our trip to Mexico, we made some interesting burritos, with 2 different fillings, a refried beans filling, and a beef filling. For a special surprise, we added chocolate to the beef filling for "extra" flavor in the burrito. With the 2 fillings, we also put some cheese and also shredded lettuce inside the burrito. We wrapped all of this in tortillas and then placed some cheese on top then baked it in the oven. A mistake we made in the process was not checking on the oven enough which resulted in the burrito with burnt edges. Evaluating the whole dish, personally I would not use the refried beans filling next time if I were to make this again as I disliked the texture of the refried beans and also the taste of it. While for the beef filling the chocolate added an interesting flavor to the filling. For the overall burrito, I quite liked it, but the refried beans gave an unpleasant flavor in my opinion.
Map of Mexico
Chocolate is one of the world's most important ingredients and food, it has been part of many different dishes around the world, both sweet dishes and also some savory ones too. It comes from cocoa beans, which originate from South America and Central America, starting from about a 100 million years ago. It has played a large part in Mexican and South American food heritage. An example of chocolate in Mexican's cuisine is Mole Sauce, which contains many different ingredients such as chili peppers and also chocolate. As shown chocolate also works well with savory ingredients and adds an extra taste.
On our next trip, we arrived at Vietnam and made some Vietnam Goi Cuon, accompanied with a dipping sauce. For the filling of the rolls, there were things such as vermicelli noodles, mint leaves, prawns, lettuce leaves, coriander, some carrot, etc. We wrapped all of this in a rice wrap. In my opinion it was quite challenging to wrap it in the rice wrap as the wrap easily ripped and had holes in it. For the dipping sauce, there was some lime juice, fish sauce, some ginger, sugar and a few other things. For my taste bud, the sauce was very very strong, smell because of the fish sauce, so for me the dipping sauce did not accompany the roll very well. Overall, I did not like the Vietnam Goi Cuon, as it wasn't really cooked, so I dislike eating it with cold flavor and the dipping sauce was not very good either due to the strong fish sauce smell.
Map of Vietnam
90% of Hong Kong's food is imported from around the world, but most of the food is imported from Mainland China. People in Hong Kong rely on the food imports from China, as they provide imports at large scale and a low costs, which works well for the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has to rely on food imports for it's food as Hong Kong is a very small place, so there is not much area for agriculture to grow crops. To conclude, a very small amount of food in Hong Kong is truly from Hong Kong.
After our trip to Vietnam to make the Goi Cuon, we arrived in Japan to make the sushi rolls. There was quite an array of choice for the different things we could put in our sushi. Such as avocado, canned tuna, cucumber, crab stick, carrots, etc. We first sliced the vegetables into long strips so they would fit into the sushi roll. Before we put the rice on to the seaweed, we mixed the rice with some rice vinegar to add extra flavor. After placing the vegetables onto the rice, we added tuna pieces and also stripped some crab stick on top of it also. Using the rolling mat, we rolled up the sushi roll then wrapped in cling film. After letting the sushi rest a bit in the cling film, we proceeded to cut the sushi into individual rolls. The challenge here was that using the knife to cut the sushi roll was still very challenging as it could not cut through the seaweed, which resulted in only a few "nicer" looking pieces. Personally for the taste of the food, I think it tasted quite good combined the wasabi and the soy sauce.
Map of Japan
Overfishing has become a big problem around the world, which will be a massive problem for sushi and sashimi. This is because sushi and sashimi have become such a massive delicacy part of the Japanese cuisine so the demand has increased, but every passing day supply decreases and decreases bit by bit. At this rate, one day, many species of fish will go extinct, and sushi and sashimi delicacy will be no more.
Now we arrive in Greece, to make Greek Flat Bread, the overall recipe was quite simple to follow, as it was just a plain bread. The ingredients included flour, hot water, milk, yeast, honey, butter, etc. we mixed all of these ingredients then started to knead the mixture. After we kneaded the mixture, we let the dough rest under wet paper in side a bowl covered by plastic film. After about 10 minutes of the dough resting, I divided the dough into 4 small balls than rolled them out and pan fried them in a pan. Overall, I found the taste quite plain as I believe there needs to be more of a sauce or a dip. If I were to make it again I would make the bread flatter so it could cook faster. There wasn't really too much of a challenge making the Greek Flatbread as it was just a simple bread.
Map of Greece
"Eating together is an important social act, and it is often accompanied by customs or rituals which are specific to the cultural group concerned." Families play a very large role in eating together and also preparing meals, as family members cook for other family members, and they can all can eat together. Families can spend meal times as times to connect with each other and talk.
Now we arrive in India, to make the Indian Curry Pockets, which is more of a fusion dish than a traditional indian recipe, as it has been wrapped inside wonton wrappers. The filling of the pockets consisted of quite a variety of different ingredients, such as tomato, red and green pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin, chilli powder, garam masala, water and stock cube. We first cooked the onions and tomato in a saucepan for a short duration, and while they were cooking, we put the wonton wrappers inside a muffin pan to prepare for baking. After a bit longer, we added the rest of our ingredients into the saucepan and put a lid on for it too cook. Putting the lid on and creating steam inside is called "sweating". While the filling was cooking, we put the wonton wrappers into the oven to bake for about 10 minutes. After everything has finished cooking, we took everything out and filled the wonton wrappers with the curry filling. For the taste of the curry pocket, I found the taste quite pleasant and nice. Something I would like to change is the fact that the curry pocket didn't have much of a curry flavor, and I think it would be nicer to have less tomato and more curry flavor, but overall this dish was quite nice. The only challenge with making the Indian Curry Pockets were putting the wonton wrappers into the muffin pan, as putting them in always had air bubbles stuck inside.
Map of India
Fairtrade is about creating better prices, to create better working conditions, and also fir terms of trade for farmers and workers. The fairtrade industry in India is creating a smaller gap between the poorer people and the richer people in India. The availability of Fairtrade import in Hong Kong is very very small, only being 0.1% out of all the outlets and companies in Hong Kong.

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