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On the 19th of January 2016 a Paris terror attack suspect was arrested in morocco and his name was Gelel Atar, and we all pray for Paris and wish them luck on there journey to strive to the top again an be positive.

On the 3rd of march 2016 an egyptian student was threatened by the government saying that they were going to send him back to egypt because of trumps travel ban news.

On the 1st of February 2017 Iran confirms latest missile test but denies breaching nucleus agreement. Do you think something suspicious is going on.

On the 28th of march 2016 an islamic state planing an attack on por and innocent jewish kids in turkey.

on the 26th of february 2017 a Taliban commander was killed after several false alarms and all we want to know is how.

On the 26th of february 2017 a estimated 1 meter of snow falls in the sahara desert. very shocking.

In Syria the 7th of march 2017 syria's children are suffering from "toxic stress" after 6 years of war.

on the 13th of jan 2017 damien child star in omen sentenced on friday the 13th for punching a cyclist.

on the 30th of march mossad's was hiring for nazi can teach us how to deal with in syria.

on the 28th of march 2016 isil crucified indian catholic priest on good friday after he was captured in yemen.


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