polar bears by:sara pearl

Ahhh look how cute it is! It is a polar bear! Polar bears are great animals that are mammals. There is tons to know about them like what they eat, how they camouflage and where they live! Read on to find out more.

On the ice

Polar bears live in the Arctic. They live around the North pole. This area is the tundra. It is full of ice and snow. One thing that is interesting about this area is that all through the year the snow never melts because it is on the top of the earth. Polar bears jump around on large clumps of ice. They are great swimmers and the water they swim in is very cold. When a polar bear gets too hot, it lays down on the freezing cold ice to cool off. Sometimes the ice gets really thin. When that happens they lay down on the ice and glide across it. This is very helpful to them because they don’t fall through the ice.

Where are you?

Have you ever wondered why a polar bear’s coat is white? Well I am here to tell you. A polar bear’s habitat is all white, so a polar bear's coat is white and it helps them camouflage. That helps the polar bear to sneak up on food because it is a predator. A polar bear's coat has two layers. The first layer is four inches thick, the length of your handspan. It is made out of fat called blubber. It helps the polar bear to keep warm. The layer on top is made of a fur that is hollow. Its color is actually clear but when the sun reflects on it, it looks white. A polar bear’s skin is actually black. That shows how thick its fur is because you cannot see any of its skin Every May or June, polar bear’s shed their fur coats and grow new ones.

Help me!

Polar bears are now endangered. That is because of us. Our factories are producing smoke and gas into the air which then travels to the arctic area. This is the home of the polar bear. When these gases travel there, it causes the ice to melt and the temperature rises. This is called global warming. But if we stop putting gas in the air, then polar bears can be saved.

i'll have the fish and seal meal.

A polar bear is the biggest predator alive today. That means its stomach is really big. It allows a large male polar bear to eat a seal in one meal. But the seal provides enough energy for up to eight days. To catch a seal, a polar bear finds a seal’s air hole, then it waits for the seal to poke it’s head up. Sometimes it waits for hours and hours. When the seal pokes it head up to breathe, the polar bear pounces it, kills the seal, then it pulls it up on the ice and eats it. But in the summer the seals are gone and they have to eat smaller animals like fish.

Fun fact: polar bears can smell a polar bear from up to 20 miles away! That is how they find the seals air holes.

I'm alone on this.

Polar bears are mostly solitary unless they’re with cubs or happen to be hunting together. They are also the largest and longest species of bear and the only bear species who don't hibernate. They are also the only predator that has no natural enemy. Because their habitat vanishes throughout the year, they have one of the longest periods of fasting, of not eating any food of any animal on earth. Bears have the best sense of smell in the world and a polar bear can smell a seal that is 20 miles away!


Tundra: a icy cold place on the top of the earth

mammals: a family of animals that are warm blooded

Camouflage: to blend in with the area around them.animals usually do this do hide from predators.

Pratadors: animals that eat other animals.

Blubber: a kind of fat that keeps animals warm in cold places.

Endangered: when there are only a few of that kind of animals left in the world

Global Warming: hen the world heats up.

Fasting: when you don’t eat food for a long time

vanishing: dissapiring

bye bye!

Polar bears are so strong and large, they would seem to live forever. However, their habitat is delicate and disappearing and this is a threat to the polar bears. Learning about polar bears and global warming is one way we can help to save them.


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