Agriculture Project By Nate loretz hour 4

The agriculture we see today is not the same as it used to be.

We live in a different world then we did 100 years ago.

So let us see how our world has changed, for better, and for worse.

The First Agricultural Revolution

This occurred 11000 years ago, humans used hunting and gathering to feed themselves, it changed them by giving them a way to sufficiently feed themselves, and it helped develop the human race to a higher standard. They used "shifting cultivation" as a common method of farming. One distinct method of farming that was used is called, the slash and burn technique. This is where farmers used knives and machetes to cut trees or tall vegetation.

Hunting and Gathering is a common thing we see today for fun, the ancients used to kill for their food.

The Second Agricultural Revolution

During the industrial revolution, it was a time when farmers used greater technology in their work. They made more innovations, improvements, and techniques in western Europe. Europe got new crops because of trades with the Americans. These crops included corn and potatoes. With these new crops the farmers increased their field size and found new land to use. They also found new ways of using soil and keeping it good for longer. The industrial revolution helped because it gave farmers new machinery to increase the speed of their production.

This is a newer type of tractor, but the first tractors came in the second agricultural revolution.

The Third Agricultural Revolution

Also known as the Green Revolution this happened during the 1970's and 1980's, this is a time when farmers helped other farmers to find efficient ways to grow their food. Their main goal was to eliminate hunger from the world. So internationally they teamed up achieve their goal. Biotechnology found new sprung up and found new ways to use technology. Scientists were able to find easy ways to keep their crops in good shape when they are in harsher conditions. They brought science into farming, which lead to things like GMO's.

This is what we have today thanks to the improvements, when farmers gave information.


GMOs or genetically modified organisms, are crops that have been modified to be either safer or easier to produce. They make it easier for farmers to grow, but a bad thing about them is they can be unsafe for people to eat. They reduce the cost of other materials, but they could lead to many diseases.


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