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March 10, 2017

First 6 Design Sketches

Last class period Ms. McCall introduced the project to us. The only thing I'm confused about is how the paper is going to be cut to make the book. I understand that we are drawing a design on each side of the large paper first, but I don't know how it will be cut. I drew six sketches each with different designs as planning for my final design. Today Ms. McCall checked my designs. She chose three and I started drawing full size versions of them. I worked on the hot air balloons first.

March 14, 2017

First Full-Sized Sketch in Progress

Today I am going to continue working on my full page sized sketches of my designs. There are a few things that I am going to change from my small sketches to my larger ones. For my hot air balloon design, I am going to "zoom in" a little bit to make the balloons larger, and I'm going to layer them a little differently so that when the paper is cut, you can still see different parts of the balloons like the basket. I am also going to make the clouds and birds in my second sketch larger, so that there are less of them in the frame. For the third, I am going to add more sun shapes in the middle of the design and cut the circle part of the sun into more parts.

Monday march 20, 2017

Last class we had a sub so we worked on paper quilts. The class period before I worked on my bigger sketches. I am part-way through drawing the patterns on my hot air balloon sketch. I changed the way I broke up the sections. Instead of using curved lines like circles I'm using diagonal, straight lines. I think it is more recognizable as Romero Britto's style that way. Today we are working on our covers for our books. I'm not sure what the design of my cover will be. I am going to use colors similar to what I will be using in the book so it ties together well.

Wednesday March 22, 2017

Cover Design

Last class I drew my cover design on the final paper. Today I am tracing over the lines with sharpie and coloring it. The coloring is due at the end of class. I am going to use black sharpie to make the lines bold. The colors I am going to use will be bright and of a large variety. I think this will reflect Romero Britto's style well. The medium I will use for coloring will be markers and colored pencils.

Friday march 24, 2017

Cover Coloring In-Progress

The covers are due fully colored today, so I will be working on that. To reflect Britto's style I am pairing shades and tints of colors together for each pattern section, and am only outlining certain pattern shapes. I chose to use markers and colored pencils because of the small spaces created by my patterns. I felt watercolor would be difficult to use to keep in the lines and be neat. The markers and colored pencils fill in the areas completely and boldly which really encompasses the pop art style. I am going to go back over the lines separating the patterns with a sharpie again to make them bolder so they stand out more. I have quite a bit of coloring left so I will have to work quickly, but I will make sure to maintain good craftsmanship.

Tuesday march 28, 2017

Cover Coloring In-Progress

I have a little over half of my cover colored, so I will make sure to finish that today. I am coming in for Husky Time tomorrow and Thursday so I won't be too far behind. After I finish coloring, I will have to decide what shape I want my cover to be and then cover the foam board with my paper. After that, I will start on my page designs.

Thursday march 30, 2017

Finished Covers

In Husky Time yesterday and today I finished my covers for my book. I decided on a rectangular shape to keep it simple and not cut up my pattern too much. With the rectangles, the concept of the suns and rays can still be seen. Now that my cover is done, today I will start working on my pages. I am going to do my hot air balloon design first.

Tuesday April 4, 2017

Today I am going to continue working on my pages. I am having some difficulty redrawing the hot air balloons, so the pages may look a little different from the original sketch as I figure out the spacing on the bigger paper. After I draw the hot air balloon shapes, I will split them and the remaining sky up into pieces and draw the designs in each piece. After the patterns are drawn in and the paper is colored, it will look similar to my covers.

Thursday April 6, 2017

Hot Air Balloon Page Outline

Last class I finished the outline of the hot air balloon shapes for my pages. Today I will break the page up into the Britto style sections and add patterns. I am going to use the patterns I used on my covers. Both the balloons and the sky will be broken up and have patterns. When it is colored, the sky will be all in shades of blue so that it is distinguishable from the balloons. The balloons will have the other colors that were used on the cover.

Tuesday April 18, 2017

Patterns Drawn So Far

Today I am continuing to work on my book pages. They are due next Friday, the 28th. Last class I started drawing the patterns in each space of the hot air balloons, and I will finish the patterns today. If I have time after finishing the patterns, I will start on the other side of the paper for my other pages. I will probably use my cloud design for that side.

Thursday April 20, 2017

Completed Designs

During Husky Time yesterday I finished drawing my designs for the first side of my pages. Today I am going to trace the outside line of each section with a sharpie. I am not going to outline each individual shape in each pattern because I want my pages have a consistent style with my covers. During Husky Time today I will start outlining, and I hope to be finished with outlining by the end of class and start coloring.

Monday April 24, 2017

First Side of Pages Completed

Over the weekend I finished coloring the first side of my posterboard for my pages. I went back over the lines with sharpie after coloring because some of them had colored pencil from where I went slightly out of the space. I also made the lines around the balloons thicker so it is easier to differentiate between the shapes and the sky/space behind. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Today I will figure out what design to put on the back and will start drawing it.

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Design and Patterns In Progress on 2nd Side of Pages

I started the other side of my poster board for my pages last class. Today I will continue working on it. I have the outline of my shapes drawn, so I now need to fill them in with patterns. I am going to continue to use the same patterns as I did on the other side. I am doing a random design on the back instead of the cloud shapes like I had planned because I think it will flow with the style of the background behind the balloons better and it will save me some time as both sides are due completed on Friday. Since today is a shortened day, I will probably bring my project home to work on.

Friday April 28, 2017

Second Side of Pages Completed

At home, I finished filling in my patterns and outlined the sections in sharpie. I also worked on coloring. I have finished most of the coloring on this side. Today I will finish coloring and then I will go back over all the lines with sharpie to cover up where colored pencil has gone out of the lines and make it look cleaner and more finished. Then I will decide how to cut my pages. This will depend on the size of my covers, so I will cut the poster board into either two or three pieces.

Tuesday May 2, 2017

Last class I finished coloring and re-outlining my pages and turned them in. Today we have a sub. I may try to cut my pages, but if I am unsure about what to do with them I will just wait to make sure. I will then work on my paper quilt since those will be due somewhat soon. I also will start figuring out what pop ups I want to add to my book and what materials I will add to the pages once they are cut and folded.

Thursday May 4, 2017

Today I will cut my pages. I didn't last class because I wasn't sure what size to make them. Based on the size of my covers, I think I will cut my poster board in half. I am going to finish folding my poster board today and start making pop-ups and cut-outs. If I have time I will decide where to put string and ribbon to add texture and interest. The whole book is due completed next Friday, so I may have to take this home to work on this weekend or some days next week.

Monday may 8, 2017

My pages are now cut and folded. My pages do not cover all of the black on the backs of my covers, so I glued rectangles of my extra paper from my pages onto the board so it is not noticeable. I am going to wait to attach them to my covers because I think it will be easier to work with them without being attached to the covers. Today I am continuing to work on cutting out shapes and adding pop outs and ribbon to my pages.

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Last class I added cut outs and pop outs along the creases of the pages. I alternated between rectangle pop outs and cut out squares. In the cut out squares I will weave ribbon or string. On the first page I cut around the circles in areas of that pattern. I am going to do this with different shapes on different pages.

Friday May 12, 2017

Book Pages in Progress

Last class I cut out more shapes from my book. I also wove string through the cut outs on the creases. Today I am going to cut more shapes and add pockets. I am going to make pockets of different colors and add ribbon and designs to them to add variety and interest. I will try to be completely finished by the end of class today. If I'm not, I will bring it home to work on this weekend.

Saturday may 13, 2017

1st Side of Sculptural Pages
2nd Side of Sculptural Pages

I have finished cutting and altering my pages. We do not have any more class time to work on the books, so I will add some coiled wire then attach my covers during lunch on Tuesday.


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