Magic! By xavier miller


2700 b.c.

Magic started in ancient Egypt 2700 b.c. Which is Almost 4314 years ago!


the first magic book was published

Reginald Scot was the writer. The book was called "The Discovory Of Witchcraft"

This is the book cover


The magic circle was founded


The first magic shop opened

Who was the first magician?

The first magician:

Westcar papyrus (2700 b.c)

the second magician


The third magician

isaac fawlkes (1720)

The magic circle

The logo of the magic circle

The magic circle is a group of magicians performing tricks and practicing for events. The group has 300 members, all keen to do magic in front of a live audience. The magic circle is in London and spots are available now.

The stage

Time for tricks!

Betcha can't pick up that!

The pepper trick

and now, the famous...




  • before the show... poke a hole in a cup.
  • tell your audience that it is a normal paper cup.
  • then, sneakily put your fingers in the hole.
  • slowly, fan your fingers away and push your thumb forward
  • it looks like your cup is levitating!

make shore the AUDIENCE is IN FRONT of you!(DON'T FACE AWAY FROM THEM!)

credits: Pixabay, flickr, TheMagicCircle, Adoby, Magic4Kids

Thanks for watching!

Created By
Xavier Miller


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