Electromagnetic Spectrum By: ava koskiniemi

The wavelength can be determined by its frequency, and the other way around too. You can find the wavelength from its frequency by looking at how high or low the frequency is, if the frequency is low the wave will have a longer wavelength and if it is high then it will have a shorter wavelength. Also, frequency shows how much energy there is in a wave, the higher the frequency the higher the amount of energy in the wave.

Radio waves are usually found on the farthest end of the left side on a electromagnetic spectrum, they are waves with longer wavelengths, therefore, have a shorter frequency. We use them in our everyday lives to listen to the radio and watch TV.

Microwaves can actually be put into the radio waves section but they have a section reserved just for them on the spectrum, they are called radio waves but they are the radio waves with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequencies. Now, it is kind of obvious that microwaves would be used for microwaves but they are also used for Radar devices, mostly used by cops, they detect speed by using reflected radio waves.

Infrared Rays are the closest to visible light on the left side, they are waves with a higher frequency and a lower wavelength. They are mostly used for heat lamp and infrared cameras.

Visible light is the small fraction of the spectrum that we can actually see, they have shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies than infrared rays. We use this to see the colors around us.

Ultraviolet rays have wavelengths that are shorter than visible light wavelengths, making them have a larger frequency than visible light. These rays can actually be bad for us, due to how much energy there is, it can kill living cells. But we also need it because it is a good source of vitamin D for bones and teeth.

X-rays are even shorter than ultraviolet rays and have a higher frequency. X-rays are used for X-rays because they can penetrate most matter, but they can cause cancer, that’s why at the doctor’s office, when getting an X-ray, they put really heavy aprons on you. The aprons are made of led because the X-rays cannot penetrate led.

Gamma Rays contain the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies. Opposite of X-rays, gamma rays are used to kill cancer cells and is also used to make a shot injected into a person’s body so a doctor can see the insides of the body.


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