Auyuittuq National Park By:Abby Amaya

Day 1:I woke up at 2:00 Am to catch my flight to Canada with my Family I was extremely tired but very excited
Then* we left for the airport after we all packed up and got ready
We arrived at the airport we checked in and went to our gate
We got on the plane and I was ready for the 9 hour and 45 minute flight because I'm going to sleep the whole time
We got to the Siku hotel at 7:50 AM and we took a little nap before we did our huge adventure
Then* we went hiking at Akshayuk Pass the view was amazing but it was really cold and snowy
Next* we went dog sledding and it was super fun I fell off a couple times but than I got used to it I raced my brother down a hill I won!!!!!
After* went back to our hotel and got ready for dinner which we were going to The Granite room I hope their food is good
The granite room was super fancy and their waiters and waitresses were really nice
I ordered a pizza and it was sooooooo good!!!
We got back to the hotel room got in our beds which were comfiest than they looked and fell straight asleep
Day 2: I woke up and got dressed and we went to have breakfast
After* we came back from breakfast it started to snow really hard so we stayed inside the whole day we couldn't really see anything
Day 3:'I packed my suitcase with all my clothes and necessities and we were off to the airport
We were at the airport and headed to our gate and we were a bit late so we got straight on to the plane
We were off back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I was excited to go back home but sad to leave such a good place
I'm back home and I'm really sad we couldn't really do a lot because of the weather should've checked before we planned it oh well maybe next time


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