K. Burleson Art 1 Portfolio

This is my ATC card. This card has a lot of words that describe who I am or who I want to be. While making this card, it allowed me to focus on my personality. This also allowed me to make goals on my sheet as well. I want to be determined, smarter, and I want to motivate myself to accomplish m y goals.
This is one of my contour line drawings of a skull. A contour line is typically narrow and continuous, and it may vary in width to create the illusion of some parts being closer to the viewer. It marks the edge of an object or shows the border between objects in an image. Contour lines may also be used to show smaller shapes within larger ones.
This is a drawling of one of my classmates doing three different poses. This day we were focusing in contour lines.
This is cross hatching, the arrows on all my examples represent the light. So in cross hatching, the way to create the effect is pressure and overlapping. In the darker portions pf the circle, I shaded my around it using my finger to create a shadow..
In this drawling we used one point perspective, which is a drawing method that shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards a single 'vanishing point' on the horizon line. It is a way of drawing objects upon a flat piece of paper (or other drawing surface) so that they look three-dimensional.
This drawling is a two point percpective drawling. It's a linear perspective in which parallel lines along the width and depth of an object are represented as meeting at two separate points on the horizon
This is a mannequin we drew in class to practice our shading techniques. The light from where I was sitting came from the right side so I had to put the shadows on the left side.
I really enjoyed drawling facial features, especially the eyes and eyebrows. My first step in my process to drawling eyes was to draw the outline of the eye itself and then from there draw the pupil, lid, shade in correct places, and lashes.
My artwork symbolizes strength from the giraffes. The blue sky in the background represents my faith and the green grass on the image represents growth because I am always learning and growing each day. The basketball represents athletic. I love being active and playing sports.
My painting is monochromatic. I used the same color, but different varieties of it. I actually started with an analogous color scheme but I changed my main and I felt like I to change it. I picked the color green because green reflects wisdom, growth, and energy and I feel like that describes my personality.
In my ceramic mask project, we had to take lots of test to figure out what animal, color, and object represented us. My test results were a giraffe, clock, and purple. The giraffe moves with confidence and elegance and the clock represents time because I am not productive. The purple stands for independence and energy. When I am by myself, I tend to have more energy. I incorporated those items and symbols into my mask that symbolized my personality.

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