1852: Uncle Tom's Cabin By: BAILEY tipton


Brunswick, Maine


4,977 people (16.9%)


Brunswick, Maine has lots of trees and it is very green.

Brunswick is also near water and is a flat, open grassland.

Places to stay while you are visiting..

While you are visiting Brunswick, Maine you may be staying in one of the cabins near the Underground Railroad construction site.

What to do while visiting in Brunswick, Maine

While you are visiting Brunswick, you are able to go see the Underground Railroad construction site

You may also....

Tour "Andover Theological Seminary" which is the school that Calvin Ellis Stowe went to or you can tour the "Hartford Female Seminary" which is where Harriet Beecher Stowe enrolled to go.

How This event caused change in the united states

This event caused change in the United States by helping to start the movement of the anti-slavery.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written and it proves the principle that timing is everything and not only had Stowe “paved the way” for Lincoln’s election, but after her death she may have helped Lenin, who admired her novel.

Through stage versions of the novel, she helped Henry James develop a sense of “human feelings as performative and theatrical.”


Harriet Beecher Stowe is the narrator of this product.


Harriet is trying to recruit people to Brunswick, Maine for the help of the Underground Railroad construction.

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