Bashkir Rebellion Of The 17th And 18th Centuries by: Ben Miller

The Bashkir Rebellion is not a revolution because a rebellion focuses on economics, and politics but not social issues.
When revolting for economic reasons, it is to change the way the Government handles money in forms of taxes and on what the government spends money. In terms of the Bashkir Rebellion, they were fighting the Russian government because of taxes placed on the Bashkir people. This included taxes on mosques and on the people who went to places of worship in 1704. The Russian's also asked for horses and men for the Great Northern War which is a tax on men and animals. In addition, the Russian government had previously increased taxes on the Bashkirs in 1662.
Fighting for political reasons is common in a revolution. The fight is for freedom from a country that is oppressing your country. The Bashkirs did fight for political reasons from Russia. The Russian government wanted troops and supplies from the Bashkir people for the Great Northern War, and the Russian taxes collectors were abusive towards the Bashkir people. Additionally, the Russian government did not grant the Bashkirs many rights when the Russians took over. This oppression caused the rebellion.
The fight for social issues has long been a topic of revolutions. People want equality from others and rights for themselves. The reason why the Bashkir people did not fight for this is because they are their own society. The Bashkir people wanted fair treatment from the Russian government which is more of a political issue than social. While it is true that the Bashkir people were afraid to lose their religion (which is a social issue), it was merely based on assumption from a decree and not proof that the Russian government was going to forcibly take their religion away from them.

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