The 1920s into the 1930s

At home a mother cooks dinner for her family in the 1920S
Families couldn't afford food so they often had to go to soup kitchens
Families gather around the radio in there home in the 1920s
Families have nothing to do since they cant afford things in the 1930s
Family of African Americans at the beach
African American in a hooverville in 1930s
In a Mexicans leisure time they work on a farm to make money in the 1920s
They have no job since the depression affected them in the 1930s
In African Americans leisure time they played in a jazz band
Africans still played jazz but their spirt was affected
Bankers were rich and wild in the 1920s
Banks shut down losing peoples savings and the bankers no longer had jobs
Business men were rich and had no problems in the 1920s
Many business owners lost there savings in the bank and had to shut down

The 1920s were leading into terrible times but people didn't see it coming. Bankers were making money since 1920s people were doing alright. Business owners started a new thing called buying with credit. This made it so people could buy now and pay later. People bought on margin which is fake money in the stock market. Business started to go down and people lost their money in the stock since they had to pay for the fake money. So they went to the bank to get savings but they didn't have any money left. People couldn't afford things since they lost all of their savings. So businesses closed down and people lost their jobs.The stock market didn't close down though others did.

The great depression did not affect one group of people it affected others. Women in the city on a normal day would cook a big meal but now they can't afford it so they make the best of what they got. They sometimes had to go to soup kitchens. Africans living in harlem were doing good with jazz bands and getting more rights all over. When the depression hit them more people went to see jazz bands since it was cheaper now with the depression and it was a escape from reality.

People in their free time often went to the movies or sat by a radio with family. African Americans were still segregated but were able to still perform in their free time. In the 1930s during depression more people showed up so African Americans spent most there time there. Mexicans usually in their free time they worked on farms for money. Since there was the dust bowl there which it could kill someone and/or ruin their farm. So there wasn't work for them in the 1930s. There was sometimes camps set up for them to stay there.

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