Telephone Fraud Mr. Mitchell Weitz

Lottery Winning Call

Scammers will real you in by saying you've won a big reward. Something like $800,000 or a cruise. To receive your money you will need to send a small 5% of the sum won to a certain agency. The agency is the scam and takes the money.

Can You Hear Me?

The scam works with a telemarketer call where they will ask you "Can You Hear Me?" in hopes that you will say "Yes" which will bind you to their scam. If you hear "Can You Hear Me?" it's best to just hang up or don't respond.

Email Account Hack with Mobile Phone

A cyber criminal can access your email address without a password. They just have to begin the password recovery process and when you get a verification code they will send a text to you. The scam artist will describe suspicious activity on your account and that they would like you to send them the verification code.

Payday Loan

Criminals claim to be reps of companies that offer payday loans, with paycheck advances of cash with a short term payback. Callers will receive credit card information, dates of birth, confidential telephone numbers, and other personal information. Avoid business pitched over the phone and don't respond to their threats.

Created By
Mitchell Weitz


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