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MV TOURS (short for IL MESTIERE DI VIAGGIARE) is your expert provider of sustainable active holidays and experiences

Een franciscaanse voetreis

We offer great deals for HIKING & BIKING the best routes all over Italy. We can help you to choose the camino that suits you best.

Assisi is the center of several long-distance routes

MV TOURS provides tailor-made hiking and biking trips along the Cammino di Francesco and its variations, like Kees Roodenburg’s "Een franciscaanse voetreis"

The 2000 km long VIA FRANCIGENA leads to Rome

MV TOURS is your perfect partner for all sections of VIA FRANCIGENA across Italy

Norcia is the starting point of Cammino di San Benedetto (The Way of St Benedict)

The Way of St Benedict is a 300 km long route across the Apennines range in central Italy and MV TOURS will take you there

Colle di Tora, by the Turano Lake, is the middle point of The Way of St Benedict

Via degli Dei (linking Florence and Bologna across the mountains), Magna Via Francigena (Sicily from north to south, Palermo - Agrigento), Cammino dei Briganti (a circular route over the rugged mountains of Abruzzo) are just a few of the medium and short distance Italian routes provided by MV TOURS

Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara (Sardinia)

Rugged mountains and green hills, rivers and lakes, thousands of km of seaside, great art cities and little villages. This is the setting for your next exciting experience: be it hiking biking horse-riding, sailing rowing rafting, exploring caves, hunting truffles, tasting wines and craft beers, and much more. With MV TOURS

GTE (Grande Traversata Elbana), ELBA island (Tuscany)

Bike & Ebike Rental - Sightseeings - Tastings - Truffle Hunting - Outdoor Activities

MV TOURS provides ebike rental in Rieti
Rafting near the Marmore waterfall
MV TOURS (IL MESTIERE DI VIAGGIARE) is a member of ActiveItaly network for active and sustainable tourism
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