MOVE 5.0 - Torquay 16th - 30th July 2018

"Language Skills Improvement on Summer Trip"
Torquay, is world famous for hospitality and a warm welcome, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, rich in history and folklore, over 4 million visitors a year from around the world, lively harbourside lifestyle. WHAT MAKES THIS CITY UNIQUE? Astounding literay heritage (home to Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Rosemand Pilcher). Situated in the UK's only UNESCO listed urban geo park. THINGS TO DO: Embark on a breathtaking hike in Torbay, discover a wealth of local folklore and history, visit the worlds 1st 'Transition Town' of Totnes.
About KAPLAN International: WHY CHOOSE TO STUDY IN OUR TORQUAY SCHOOL? • Located 3 minutes from the town center with easy access to all major cities • Provides Classic Programs for students aged 40+ • Benefit from an on-site swimming pool perfect for the summer.
Last year experience at KAPLAN - Torquay

Il corso di lingua sarà organizzato a Torquay, presso Kaplan International organizzazione che gode del maggior prestigio nel settore, con programmi didattici accreditati presso i migliori enti di certificazione Inglesi.

Il corpo docente, altamente qualificato, è formato esclusivamente da docenti in possesso di un titolo universitario per l’insegnamento della lingua inglese rivolto sia studenti inglesi che stranieri.

Il programma comprende un percorso di 60 ore di formazione cosi suddivise:

- 40 ore di lezione in aula con insegnati madrelingua qualificati all’insegnamento della lingua inglese mirate al potenziamento delle capacità comunicative, con particolare attenzione al linguaggio verbale e all’arricchimento del lessico, e allo sviluppo di un adeguato linguaggio tecnico- professionale di cui 15 ore di microlingua mirate allo sviluppo di competenze specialistiche

- 20 ore di visite (aziende, musei, ecc.) per consentire un contatto con la cultura e civiltà del paese + workshop

To make KAPLAN an enjoyable place to study and work in we have established a number of rules for everyone’s benefit. These rules cover lesson times, smoking, attendance, homework, and general behaviour in school and in accommodation arranged through the school.

We don’t have many rules, but please:

  • Speak English all the time.
  • Switch off your mobile phone when you are in class.
  • Come to your classes on time every day. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, your teacher will ask you to come back for the next lesson.
  • Do your homework.
  • If you are ill and cannot come to school, please telephone the School before your lessons begin.

If a student’s attendance or behaviour is bad, we will give a spoken warning, and then a written warning if the situation does not get better, we can ask the student to leave the School. Our standard cancellation terms will apply.

  • Smoke outside the building and please use the ashtrays.
  • Do not use chewing gum in the School.
  • Put all your rubbish in the litter bins. There are recycling bins for paper, plastic bottles and cans in all classrooms.
  • Do not bring food or drink, except water, into the classrooms.

If a student behaves badly in the school or in their accommodation, the matter will be referred to the DoS or the Principal. Misconduct by a student may result in their being expelled from the school if they do not change their behaviour following a formal warning.

Your family should provide you with all of the following:

  • A clean set of bed linen and towels once a week.
  • Breakfast and an evening meal, and packed lunch.
  • A shower or bath every day.
  • A quiet place in which to study.

Bring your toiletries.

Dettaglio servizi offerti:

  • 16.07.'18 - Transfer Treviso /Venezia Marco Polo apt con bus Gt di recente immatricolazione: ritrovo c/o Stazione Centrale di Treviso ore 09:45 - partenza per apt ore 10:00
  • 16.07.'18 - volo Venezia/Bristol (EASYJET) - bagaglio da stiva 20 kg + bagaglio a mano (misure standard 55x40x20 cm), ore 13:05 - 14:25


  • 30.07.'18 - Transfer Torquay/Bristol apt con bus Gt: ritrovo e orario da concordare in loco
  • 30.07.'18 - volo Bristol/ Venezia Marco Polo bagaglio da stiva 20 kg + bagaglio a mano (misure standard), ore 14:55 - 18:10

Escursioni di mezza giornata

  • Torquay orientation tour
  • Kents Cavern
  • Torre Abbey
  • Brixham

• N° 2 escursioni di intera giornata a :

  • Exeter + Cathedral
  • Plymouth and The National Marine Aquarium

Useful tips:

  • tessera sanitaria
  • carta prepagata (tipo Postepay, ecc.)
  • soldi possono essere cambiati anche in aeroporto
  • oggetti di valore sempre con voi
  • medicine che di solito usate (ricetta in inglese!)
  • fotocopia documenti di identità
  • k-way / poncho, ombrello
  • doppio paio di scarpe
If you want, you can think of a "present" for your Host Family

Thank you very much for your participation and attention!


Buon MOVE 5.0 a tutti!!!

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Alex D'Aquino


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