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AmRad Product Related FAQ

What is the warranty on your USA capacitors & Turbo universal capacitors?

5 Years from install date! Simply write the date of install on your USA capacitor or Turbo universal capacitors with a marker (A complimentary marker is provided in Turbo 200® and Turbo 200®X boxes)

Do you have to register your USA capacitor or Turbo universal capacitor in order to qualify for the 5 year warranty?

No. Should your USA capacitor or Turbo universal capacitor require a warranty, simply take it to the supply house you originally purchased from for processing.

What is the fluid in AmRad capacitors and why does it help them last so long?

All AmRad capacitors are filled with a Crystal Clear Platinum Dielectric fluid. This thicker, non-PCB fluid reduces the heat that builds up in the capacitor, thus extending its lifespan far beyond competitors, who are filled with a fluid similar to cooking oil. Watch the video below to see the difference!

Why a Turbo universal capacitor over a regular run capacitor?

Turbo capacitors are universal sizing, eliminating the need to carry large quantities of capacitors on your truck for any job that comes along.

Turbo’s aren’t just for emergencies; although when in a rural area or after hours service call, you will wish you had one on your truck!

What are your terminals made of?

AmRad capacitors have rust free, zinc coated, all brass terminals. This includes the USA motor run capacitors, Turbo universal run capacitors, Turbolytic® motor start universal capacitors and Turbo Easy-Start® 5 (TES5).

What's this CPT®?

The Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®) prevents hard-start system override.

When a motor-run capacitor fails in a hard-start system, the hard-start keeps kicking on the compressor without the capacitor regulating. This will cause overheating and a shorter compressor lifespan.
The Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®) prevents hard-start system override by acting as a kill switch to take the hard-start out of the system in the event of a failed capacitor.

The CPT® comes standard on Turbo 200®, Turbo 200®X and HERM value USA capacitors.

Where are AmRad capacitors made?

AmRad manufactures its capacitors in Palm Coast, Florida, USA.

General FAQ

Which products have a 5 year warranty with Global?

USA’s, Turbos, Noark Contactors

Do you sell to Contractors directly?

No, as a Master Distributor we sell only to Authorized Wholesalers, Distributors and Supply Houses.

What is Drain Alert?

Drain Alert is the only clear float switch available that doesn’t require any cutting or gluing, has a male and female fitting.

How long is the Warranty?

2 years

Why use Drain Alert?

When a contractor get’s a call from a homeowner and the homeowner shines a flash light in the attic and sees water in the float switch, it’s a clear indication to the contractor on what they are going to need for that call.

What other products do you carry?

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