Strengthening strategy with the Consortium of Uganda University libraries Participant feedback

In October 2016 INASP and Caplor Horizons embarked upon the first phase of our exciting new collaboration 'Leading in the library: a learning lab for sustainable access to knowledge in Africa'. A project designed to strengthen the organisational effectiveness of library consortia in Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

The Learning Lab is an iterative, flexible and problem solving approach. Central to the success of the project is an initial visit to each of the four countries to address issues of critical importance, provide an opportunity for reflection upon the current situation and potential barriers to future sustainability, and to build energy and commitment for engaging with the Learning Lab process.

Over two days Ian Williams (Executive Director) and Lorna Pearcey (Director of Development) from Caplor Horizons worked with Kemal Shaheen (Programme Manager, INASP) and members of the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries to help strengthen strategy and leadership within the consortium. Here we will look at what the participants thought of this first stage in the process.

100% of participants thought that the sessions were very relevant to the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL).

"Developing strategies to promote the consortium... it was amazing and very necessary"
"The session has helped in streamlining our workplan"
"Reviewing CUUL's strategic approach could be a turning point to its progress"
"It was relevant because it will assist us in fine- tuning our mission, vision and objectives which will enable us to move in the right direction"

100% of participants agreed that the session would help to strengthen the strategy of CUUL, which 20 out of 22 stating it would help 'a lot'.

"New ideas have been raised which will form an important outcome of CUUL's direction"
"It will provide a more focused approach"
"(Enabled the realisation that) CUUL needs to do an assessment of institutional needs rather than relying on assumptions"
"Today's session has widened the scope of strategic planning for CUUL by looking at the internal and external strengths that will help to focus the activities of CUUL."

91% of participants (20 out of 22) felt that the sessions contributed 'a lot' to their own personal learning and development.

"Taking into consideration issues we see as 'small' yet they hold the key solutions. Everyone has a part to play at CUUL"
"I feel more confident"
"It was overwhelming! I have learnt that adjustments are necessary in planning because every feedback forms good substance"
"Caplor Horizons offer a unique way of self-evaluation to improve how we plan to achieve better results"
"The Caplor Horizons training is a unique approach to understanding of organisational leadership, management and culture for improving planning, strategy and performance. I found their presentations, exercises and techniques; such as the Caplor House model and “Seeing the Point”, among others, engaging, easy to follow and enjoyable while providing profound and valuable insights and points of learning to support the refining of CUUL’s way of thinking and doing things. If this was the tip of the iceberg, I eagerly look forward to the coming in-depth trainings”.

David B. Bukenya Former Chair Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL)

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