Back to school: A fall lookbook BY JAXI COHEN, KIMI NORWAY, AND MARLENA ROHDE

Many students explored channels of self expression during quarantine. With time to reflect and become more in tune with themselves, some Lowellites developed distinct senses of style in isolation. Amber Lau, Archie Carew, Sophia Efimova, and Kayla Yee are just a few of the many Lowell students who use clothing to express who they are.

Archer Carew

"I think a person’s personality or how they see themselves is reflected in what they wear."

Photo by Kimi Norway

Photo by Kimi Norway

Kayla Yee

Photo by Marlena Rohde
"I'd describe my style as an expression of my queer identity: sophisticated, powerful, and fluid."
Photos by Marlena Rohde
"I take a lot of my inspiration from queer people of color, especially those who bend and blur the lines of femininity vs masculinity vs androgyny, or what’s 'normal' in society."

Sophia Efimova

"It honestly brings me peace of mind to be able to put together good, nice-looking outfits where all of the different clothing items harmonize."

Photo by Marlena Rohde

Photo by Marlena Rohde

Amber Lau

Photo by Jaxi Cohen
"I walk down the halls feeling like the queen of the world."
Photos by Jaxi Cohen
"Clothes are so fun. Just wear stupid stuff. Wear your underwear outside of your clothes for once."