DISCOVER, FORM AND SHARE IDENTITIES Aulona 2017 – 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Albania

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.

— Julia Cameron

Imagine a session...

Lots of sun and sea, with greatly friendly people. The sun is already getting under your skin. You have creative freedom, meaning that you can create simply anything using your unique ideas and your own tools, so as to fully develop a project every participant will see, learn from, feel joy from and admire it. Do you remember the first time you saw a farewell video at some session? How did you feel? Did you smile? Did you cry? Did you feel like being in a world different from what you experience on a daily basis? Most people smile, cry and/or laugh at the same time, which is a unique feeling people have had a hard time of describing. Do you remember when you saw the photos taken at your first session? You could see yourself and all friends of yours from the session, being a part of an unrepeatable event, which you still cannot explain to your parents and non-EYP friends sufficiently enough so that they would fully understand...

Have you ever felt like you would also love to create something so strong and amazing that would make people happy, mesmerised and/or crying from happiness? Have you ever wanted to learn anything you did not know about any sphere of EYP Media, be it photography, shooting videos, creative writing or alternative means of EYP Media, all on any scale from the beginnings to very advanced? Then keep on reading.

EYP Media has the unique feature of being able to bond people, spark even the strongest emotions, create memories and provoke thoughts – all that at the very same time and place, which is a rare gift.

Our aim as the Editors of Aulona 2017 is to create something grand, amazing and in the end enormously enriching for every single person present at the session. Our goals are to make people laugh, think, learn, discover, be happy and experience a wonderful adventure, so that they would be able to then come back home, see the output of the Aulona 2017 Media Team and proudly say “I was a part of that!”.

Together, we will create, we will unite, we will amaze. We will DISCOVER, FORM AND SHARE IDENTITIES.

This is an opportunity to hop on the board an become a part of the journey. You have time until 12 March 2017 23:59 CET. That is today. Take the first step now.

— Stella and Nathan

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