Snowden my hero By mitchell Pocius

"First, they confirmed that the U.S. government, without obtaining any co ourt warrants, routinely collects the phone logs of tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of Americans, who have no links to terrorism whatsoever." From the New Yorker. These leaks told the American people that their rights were being violated. This allowed the people the be aware that the Obama Administration was breaking the law and your violating constitutional rights. By Snowden releaseing this knowledge it supports m y clam that he is a hero because he let us know of the wrongdoings of the government.

"He stood up for our rights, prompting a global debate on mass surveillance that changed the world – yet he faces decades in prison for it" From amnesty international Edward is facing years it prison for just doing the right thing. He is facing all the hate when the lieing, cheating government should be facing the hate. Snowden is a freedom loving patriot and is getting treated just the opposite. We forced him to leave his home and live in frear for doing what any good American should have done.


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