RONAV #My exhibiton journal- How we express ourselves

We did this tuning activity in the morning today. It was in the pit area. We did this because it surely gave all of us a better idea of what we can choose as a topic. We did this in pairs we had to take a picture go around and stick it on 1 of the 3 boards whichever one you think so. All of the grade 5 teachers organised this for us and at the end it was a big success.

Bright Ideas-

Tell us about all the good ideas you’ve had during the Exhibition process. What ideas have you had that has helped your work or other people?

Ans- I have contributed a lot of ideas about the way we will organise our work. I also gave an idea to split our work and work on one sport each which we are doing right now. I also gave the idea of making 3 presentations each for 1 Line Of Inquiry. These are the best ideas I have given so far.


Communication is the key to getting things done properly. How are you communicating and getting on with the various groups you need to connect with?

1.With and between your own group.

Ans- Between our group in communication the only problem is that we keep interrupting when one person is speaking. Otherwise we have been communicating through e-mail which is helping us a lot. We are communicating ideas while we are sitting together well.

2.With the lead teacher of your group.

Ans- Our group's lead teacher is Mr.Steve. He has been telling our group that 1 person should talk at a time as in our group 1 of our biggest problems is 1 person speaks at a time. Also Mr.Steve tells us that we should be communicating with each other from home also, which now we are doing.

3.With your mentor and your parents.

Ans- If anything important happens in school about exhibition or any news that is important for the exhibition I always go home and tell my mom and dad about it. Recently we had a mentor meeting and we have discussed for 2 interviews and we are planning for field trips. We also got to know that our 1st line of inquiry presentation is done. We just need to make charts and quizzes. Even in mentor meetings we have the same problem of interrupting each other and also talking to loudly inside the library. Now we are changing our venue of mentor meeting and now it is in the dance room on the 7th floor.

This is my t-shirt design for the exhibition t-shirt. I don't know if it will get chosen but for what my artwork looked like over the years this is much better artwork. I drew hands and legs on the top and bottom because you need your hands and legs to express yourselves. Most of the times you need your hands and legs to express yourselves.
This is our 1st group picture. We are going to be putting up photos with our mentor and while we are working.
This is my communicator reflection and also judging myself through an arrow!
In our group we have had some bad times and some good times especially in being respectful to the other person speaking. Sometimes people in our group not everybody have not committed to what they said. Eg someone in our group committed to the deadline we set up but did not do the work while all of the others stuck to the commitment. The only problem I see in the group is communication as we keep interrupting the person who is speaking.

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