Five Unusual Valentines DAy gifts By: Julia Cox

Are tired of buying the same cheesy things such as roses and chocolates every Valentine's Day? Think about buying or making these new and fun gifts for your significant other.

1. Coffee mug: Does your significant other like coffee? One of the presents you can get them is a personalized coffee mug. This is the perfect way to show your love that you do pay attention to the things they like. Check out this website to customize your coffee mug: http://bit.ly/2EDDadV

2. "Sunshine Box": The sunshine box is a yellow-themed present that you can create where you place yellow gifts in the box such as a yellow Hydro Flask, yellow socks and yellow candles. To top it off, write on the front of the box, "You are my sunshine."

3. Open when ... letters: Another great gift idea is to create letters for your significant other that should only be opened when specifically stated on the envelope. For example, one of the envelopes can say, "Open when you are sad," then include a letter to brighten your partner's day.

4. Movie pack: First, place your significant other's favorite snacks such as popcorn, candies and drinks in a decorated box. Then, include multiple movies to watch in the box for a movie night at your place.

5. Unusual date night: Take your significant other to do a different activity other than a typical, nice dinner. You can fight it out in laser tag, hit the bowling lanes, or swing for the windmill at the local mini-golf course.


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