National Honor Society Highlights Special Educators and Inducts New Students by Charlotte Schoenthaler

National Honor Society (NHS) President Jessica Fitzgerald led the remaining 59 members of NHS in the traditional candlelight walk at this year’s NHS Induction at Walpole High School. Dressed in their blue and white graduation gowns, the members took their places on stage and watched Fitzgerald light the center blue candle, officially beginning the induction. In her welcoming speech, Fitzgerald thanked friends, family, and faculty for attending the event. Fitzgerald shared the work that NHS has done for the community, as well as expressed her love for the core values that NHS is founded on: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

“It’s been really cool to volunteer at all these opportunities and to have an organization that provides them for us,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald welcomes audience members to the ceremony.

Vice Presidents Anne Dolan and Conor McMahon led the special educator recognition segment of the evening. Ranging from kindergarten teachers to high school teachers to family members, students recognized their chosen educators with their handwritten tribute speeches. After each senior thanked their special educator, Dolan, along with co-secretaries Dana Demartino and Elizabeth Foley, and NHS historian Ryan Conlon, used the center blue candle to light the four white candles remaining in the candle holder. The candles represented scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Ryan Conlon lights the fourth blue candle, representing "character."

“When I think of all [NHS] has accomplished in four years… academically, they have taken such hard courses. They’re going to wonderful colleges. They’ve really committed themselves to this school community through the tutoring lab, and participating in community events,” said Laura Kay, a NHS coordinator.

The senior class then inducted its new junior members with the help of Elizabeth Albertelly, another NHS coordinator. There are 46 juniors in the NHS Class of 2019, and they will be led by Griffin Wilkins. Brian Dipasca and Maeve Stover will be vice presidents, Grace Heffernan will be secretary, and Deirdre Irwin will be NHS historian.

“It’s really awesome to be part of this great society. Over the years, you see people [become members of this group], and to now actually be in it is honoring,” Wilkins said.

Dan Mullaney swears junior members into NHS.

After taking the place of the senior class on stage, Dan Mullaney, the chosen faculty member of the senior class, helped the junior class pledge their commitment to NHS.

“I’m very excited. I like the views and values of NHS, and I look forward to upholding them,” said junior Ava Straccia.

Class of 2018 Special Educators

Nirupa Abraham: Ms. Walleston

Rachel Bagley: Mrs. Bagley

Emily Ball: Jill Murphy

Jonathan Benoit: Sandy Lin

Brynne Bergen: Mr. Wallace

Ryan Birch: Ron Dowd

Nicholas Borchardt: Mr. Mullaney

John Henry Breen: Mr. Reale

Samantha Byrne: Ms. Rafferty

Lauren Capozzi: Mrs. Peckham

Rachel Cerullo: Mr. Whittenhall

Emma Coakley: Mrs. Jamie O’Leary

Ryan Conlon: Mr. Kim

Sean Corriveau: Mr. Giblin

Dana DeMartino: Mr. Connolly

Anne Dolan: Mrs. Leah Milne

Grace Donovan: Mrs. Anne Watson

Kelly Drogan: Ms. Cannon

Mia Drummey: Kim Oliveira

Timothy Duffy: Mrs. Massicotte

Henry Elmhurst: Mr. Scott

Patrick Fallon: Mrs. Hackett

Sarah Feeley: Ted Verderber

Luccas Ferreira: Lee Delaney

Jessica Fitzgerald: Ms. Kay

Liam Fitzpatrick: Mr. Strick

Elizabeth Foley: Erin Kearney

Kerstin Fontanez: Ms. Allison

Tara Gordon: Mr. Cashman

Grace Harrington: Mrs. O’Neill

Ciara Healy: Sr. Ellen Powers

Jennifer Houser: Mrs. Shaw

Lillian Hunter: Ms. Culliton

Ellen Irmiter: Mrs. Vigneau

Julia Kane: Mrs. Annie Hunter

Kelly Kauranen: Tia Sapienza

Paul Kauranen: Sean Petrosino

Meghan Koenig: Ms. Masterson

Sylvia Lanni: Ms. Prickel

Meaghan Luong: Jean Todesca

Matthew Luongo: Janet Wellock

Chaya Malladi: Mrs. O’Malley

Erin Maloney: Liam Harney

Jack MacKinnon: Ms. Sue Wick

Conor McMahon: Cheryl Cavanaugh

Nora Mortali: Senora Stewart

Miguel Perpinan Matos: Mrs. Painten

Irene Phung: Mrs. Albertelly

William Porter: Mrs. Kathleen Milne

Matthew Robin: Mr. John O’Leary

Samantha Rodia: Mrs. Barend

Katarina Ruda: Katherine Richards

Erica Sanquist: Mrs. Frattasio

Cameron Scales: Mr. Keith Wick

Kyle Smith: Coach Greener

Lindsey Sullivan: Linda Francis

Kristine Udahl: Mr. Ron Rizzo

Samuel Urban: Mr. Bakale

Celia Walsh: Leslie Frank

Trey Wilkes: Joanne Sprague

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