Photos of Composition By Bailey Marie O'Loughlin

Birds eye view

A student in the library reading a book for one of her classes or she is reading a book to let her mind wander in and out of creativity.

Worms eye View

The same student from above reading a book and taking her time with reading the book and also the lighting changed a little in both photos which makes it look a little special and also makes it look mysterious too!


The nurse aide writing a note back to class or a note for a student to get their things and return to the nurse's office to go home for the day or she is writing down who has came in to the nurse's office with a fever or she is writing a letter for a parent.
One of the Librarians working on a document for one of her classes or, she is looking up books for a student that is looking for a certain book but is having a hard time trying to find that book, or she could be typing all of the books that the students have requested the library to get.


A student who is posing near the wall ornament or, she is standing really close to the wall ornament trying to be sneaky as she is spying on her friends that said they are to busy to eat lunch with her or, she is trying to spy on a boy she likes, or she could just be looking at something while she is being really sneaky.


A set of stairs that all students use to go up to their classes on the second floor or to go to the library during first lunch or second lunch to read a book or also hang out with friends or to have a quiet place to eat lunch, they also use the stairs to go down to the classes they have on the first floor or they could be going to the auditorium to practice for a upcoming play/concert or they are going to each lunch in the lunch room during first lunch or second lunch to hang out with their friends.
The stair way that leads up to the stands where the JCHS students and the JCHS fans/parents sit to watch the football games, soccer games, and track in the football stadium cheering on their Junction City Blue Jays to win the football game, the soccer games, and track!

Center of interest

A girl that is just sitting there looking at the wall or is staring into space during a free period or during lunch she could also be sitting there just trying to think about something for one of her classes, she could be thinking about a special person, or she could be thinking about her family.

selective focus

A teacher who at first looks upset about something that had happened during class or she could be upset about something else. Then she is happy all of a sudden which could mean she saw someone doing something silly or a student making a silly face to cheer her up, she could also be thinking of a silly moment she saw or had happen, or she could also be thinking about a really happy and good time she had with her students.


The lights and the ropes in the auditorium that sets the stage up for a concert or it could also set up a play and also changes the scenes in the play to go to the next scene and also to see what happens in the play.


A photo of the football field that the football players and the soccer players use for the games it is also used for the marching bad and also the dance team during half time of the football game and it is only during halftime of the football game. It is an amazing sight of the football field and the letters JC are really amazing in the middle of the field.
The beautiful Blue Jay statute right near the American flag it really nice to have the statue of the Blue Jay right in front of the school and it looks like it was delicately made and that a lot of hard work had went into making that beautiful statue of the Blue Jay.
A student who is taking a break from class to go and get a snack to have for that certain class she has a pass to be out of class and while she was putting the money into the vending machine she was also trying to figure out what snack that she wanted to get from the vending machine to eat, she was having a hard time at first and then she finally figured out which thing to buy to eat and then she went right back to class with her snack.
The library is the most best and awesome place to be in the total school for some students in the school the library is the place you will go to go and get a book to check out to read for the whole school day or for how ever long you get to have the book it is also a nice quiet place to go to during class to take notes with a para or maybe the co-teacher it is also a nice place to take a test because of how quiet it is in there some, some people think the library is a different world that you go into with every single book they have at the library.
The choir room is the most special room to the students that are in the choirs at the school and that is because of all of the music they make in their and of course the songs they sing for their up coming concerts or competitions that will be coming up, it is also really fun to be in choir because of the singing and also learning new things too!
This is really a amazing, awesome, and cool sight to see in the whole entire school because of all of the names that is all over the walls, ceiling, and of course on the doors too it would be so cool to put your name up on this wall and the year you will be graduating too!
This is the room where all of the magic is made it is where the concerts happen, the plays happen, and also the musicals. Some students are working on the sets for the upcoming musical that is going to happen really soon!
These are very special decorations that are in the school there are others but some people might say these are really special. The Blue Jay that is on on the floor is really important because the students are not supposed to step on it because if a student steps on the Blue Jay, the games we are playing in we would lose the game because of that so they is our good luck charm. The Blue Jay on the wall is a gift form the class of 1960 some classes will give gifts like that to the school which makes them extra special to everyone.
The room where all of the props form every play and musical goes into after every single play and musical is over it is also a sight to see it is also the same place where the students the would write their names on the walls and every were else.
Created By
Bailey O'Loughlin

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